Friday Five – Headachey, probably due to weather

  1. 6 AM felt really early today. Maybe it’s that weird in-between time in Fall where you think it should be lighter out but it just isn’t. And you think it should be cooler, but it isn’t. But I do feel like I caught a glimpse of that yesterday; it was bearable in the morning, as a few have been recently.
  2. Although we were a little late to brew club last night, we had a great time. Actually had a good turnout. Had two of our other friends had been there (they’re out of town) we’d have had 18. Back in the day we’d have upwards of 40 people at any meeting but not in the past year. Sometimes it’s just maybe 10!
  3. I’m blasting through my grading and, surprisingly, keeping up with everything. We’ll see about next week though, because I’m doing one on one conferences with my TCC kids and that takes up a lot of time. Next week is also going to be crazy because Ash won’t be here; he’s going to help my parents clean out my grandfather’s house. I’m going to stay here and take care of all the things: flag football practice, Ell mowing a friend’s yard while they’re out of town, cross country morning practices, piano, dance, soccer, and the big one: my son getting his learner’s permit! He passed all this tests and we go Tuesday to get it. Am I nervous? Nah, he’s been doing (illegal) driving in the neighborhood. All this means is he can go on real roads, which makes him more nervous than me!
  4. In some ways, I like when my husband is gone because our schedule is more focused on the kids. Or at least, I don’t have to be doing things for them AND him; a lot of the duties I have are different for those 2 entities and it feels like I’m pulled in different directions. I know for sure, I am making some of the stinky meals he doesn’t like to smell, like this bbq crockpot chicken. LOL.
  5. I’m ready for the weekend, even though it will be super busy, with the beer fest tomorrow, then driving to Dothan for Elliot’s second day of the tournament Sunday. I guess I just really appreciate weekends, now that I am working out of the house so much more.

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