MMMM + Nothing feels right today

I am recovering from a very long, busy weekend, wherein I worked hard and played hard. Suffice to say, the Tallahassee Beer Fest went well… and not – but that’s a story for another time, perhaps. Maybe once some of the sore spots have been smoothed over by the passage of time.

Friday was nice though: I worked then met Ash at Nagoya. He and I went home and gathered some of our Beer fest equipment, made sure all was well, then we caught up on some shows. I took Elliot to his friend/teammate’s house around 6 so they could leave for their tournament. I don’t remember what all we did that night but I feel like we went to bed early.

The beer fest had us gone from 9:30 until 8 and it went so fast; a rush and swirl of chaos and people and lots and lots of beer.

I woke up around 6:30 Sunday feeling a little worse for wear but not terrible. Ash left at 7:30 to go for an 8 mile run with a friend and I left around 9 to get gas and drive to Dothan for the second day of the soccer tournament. Not a bad drive and admittedly, I got myself some breakfast wraps at Dunkin. My body needed food. Though I fully believe fasting helps all ailments, I was just in need. Got to Dothan about 45 minutes prior to his first game, and my parents got there, to surprise him, a little bit later. There was supposed to be a fourth playoff game but since the team from game 3 was the same team they’d play in the final, they just called that the final game. Elliot’s team won all three games: 6-2, 6-3, 3-1. They placed first in their age division for the tournament! After the game, we went to Metro Diner then drove home. It was a nice evening: we watched football and hung out and I was just happy to feel some normalcy.

Sadly, today is not. Ash is leaving with my parents to go down to my grandpa’s house and clear out what he can. We don’t want much but there’s definitely some things worth taking before they call the junk people and put the house on the market. So I am the sole kid driver for activities, which is do-able but stressful. I take pride in it, to be honest, but it can also wear on you. I guess I just feel emotional about it all today, but I do think it’s also a full moon. (OK, Saturday was; somehow this explains so so much about that day, if you believe in the whole moon/tides stuff.)


So, I got really into Ice Nine Kills last November and the newest album had so many good songs that some, I just chose to ignore. Not because they weren’t good but I was so into the others. Lately, during runs, I have discovered some of those others, this one being one: based on the movie The Fly, it is probably one of their least scary ones, since everything they do is based on horror. No real music video but this lyric vid will suffice.

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