Wednesday ‘podge – Plugging all the holes on this sinking boat

.1. Tell us a little bit about the best birthday you’ve ever had. 

I’m having a hard time really thinking of an answer here. I guess my 40th was pretty good. We did A LOT for it, including a lot of good yard work, putting up strings of lights around and over the pool, and getting kegs of great beer. The only downside was that some of my friends couldn’t come due to health issues and a guy we know literally drunken body slammed my husband onto concrete. But that was a story we’ve told for years now! (And a good reason to cut ties with him, which Ash had been looking to do anyway.)

2.  In what way(s) have you changed in the last five years? 

Hmm, I have changed in many ways, some positive and some negative. I am more organized and more calm. I don’t think I am as hard of a worker as I used to be (at work I mean) and I think I’m less emotional, which is not always a good thing, I think.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the street on which you live?

Favorite? I guess that the bus stop is in the neighbors’ yard, so, right next door. This makes it a little easier for my kids.

4. The Hodgepodge lands on National Beer Day…are you a beer drinker? What’s a recipe you make that lists beer as one of the ingredients? If not beer, how about yeast?

Oh look, a question for me!! YES I AM. I am also a homebrewer so I have actual beer recipes! I guess one I use that has beer is I made beer cheese dip once and it was pretty good. We like to try all kinds of beer and I am recently finding out that I do like some lagers and pilsners; these were not styles I really liked before.

5. As I grow older I would like to be a woman (or man, if there are any men in the HP today) who __________________________.

who ages gracefully and gains wisdom. I always had this idea that as I aged, I would mellow out and have all this great advice for my kids and grandkids – be the kind of person they can come to for help.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Well, today was my long run – seven miles – and it was…ok. Slower than I wanted to be but it’s done. I totally drank a Gatorade when I got home, which is not like me. It’s a lot of unnecessary sugars and filler but I needed something; I was really worn. I am now grading assignments and will be running my errands in a bit: oil change, pool store, Publix. We have… nothing to do this evening! So not like us. Normally we have a cross country meet or something else but that was last night, along with piano, dance, and soccer. Just put it all on one day, why don’tchya!! LOL. I feel like I literally go to sleep right now but I must push through the post-run malaise. Once I get past it, I should be ok.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Plugging all the holes on this sinking boat

  1. Have you written about the body slam? That sounds like a good story! Also, you are right — #4 was written for you! I actually thought of you (and of course, my hubby) when I read the question!

  2. My daughter’s father-in-law is a brewer and he always shares with us. He grows his own hops too. My hubs has a kegorator here in the house and we try a lot of different beers this way. It holds a ‘sixtel’.

    1. Nice! We have a keyser with three taps and a one tap kegerator but we mostly just ferment in there, unless it’s a holiday party and we need one more thing on tap.

  3. It’s been years since my husband brewed a batch of beer. We do enjoy a good beer. Yikes about that body slam! Hats off to you for running your 7 miles. Enjoy your quiet evening!

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