Friday Five – I’m one big ball of stress

  1. I’ve been having eye issues lately. Mainly, that they seem blurry. I know one explanation is that my sinuses are putting pressure on them. Maybe it’s allergies too. I’m doing an experiment today where I wear my glasses while at the computer. In the past, I never did because they’re really more for distance but I guess they are helping some. For the most part, I need a new prescription but I don’t want to go to the eye doctor.
  2. I have an interview Monday with the same company as before (!) and I am both stressed and a little superstitiously excited – is this my second chance? I’m a little panicky today about it all but I will make it. I am honestly thinking about just telling them how much I want the job because I need stability!
  3. I did manage to get my kids through all their activities this week so I feel like making a point to celebrate successes helps my overall mindset and mood. I hate stress!
  4. Instead of worrying about all that, though, I am going to focus on today: we are brewing a red ale, eating Mexican salads, and that’s about it. We are allowing Elliot to have 2 friends spend the night so that’s a pain in the butt, but he doesn’t really get a a birthday party (he forfeited those for a really nice expensive computer last Xmas.)
  5. He was originally supposed to have 2 soccer games about 40 mins from here tomorrow but they cancelled because apparently the fields don’t drain well and it’s been raining for days. That sort of eliminates the hassle we had to organize for driving and all but it’s also kind of sad. We were also supposed to go with teammates/friends right after to a place that has pizza and mead but then that got crushed too. So yeah, tomorrow we’re a lot more free and you know what? Not complaining!

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