MMMM + Exhausting weekend

Oh man, what a weekend! Due to rain, they canceled my son’s friendly games with the Thomasville soccer teams, so we were afforded some extra yard working time. We got right on it, pulling overgrowth away from the gazebo, cutting branches, weeding, etc. Since we had planned a pool party for 10 of my daughter’s friends, it was definitely time. It certainly was tiring though. By about 11, I was beat so I ran my errands: Dollar tree, gas station, Publix. Came home and made a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner of spaghetti. Ash and I watched some movies and I cleaned some. We actually ended up going to bed kind of early, which is not normal for us.

I guess we were probably still tired from the night before: we’d brewed in the afternoon, had some beer, then we allowed Elliot to have two friends spend the night, which is a rarity. We never want to deal with it. But since his birthday is today and we don’t do parties for him now (he forfeited them for a really expensive computer) we were nice and let that happen. His friends are pretty low-key and polite so no big deal. They did ask to be driven to get fast food, which we allowed, then they hung out. We went across the street to the neighbors’ and hung out with them until maybe 10ish but I was DONE after that.

Anyway, Sunday was my daughter’s party so Ash and I both got up and did runs before cleaning the pool and doing last minute clean up and prep. People showed around 11 and the last of them didn’t head out until 5. Oof. It was a long busy day but a successful party so I cannot complain. I slept a long time last night but had a lot of dreams. Nothing crazy but all very mundane stuff: telling my husband that I figured out why Cross Country would change practices to the morning: so they don’t get rained out. What a boring dream! But in it, I was walking into my parents’ bedroom of my childhood home and Motley Crue was on tv singing “Don’t go away mad, just go away.” So thus, that is the song you get today!

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Exhausting weekend

  1. Whew! That’s a lot of work, but it sounds like you had fun, as well. Fun song, but your video isn’t available in Canada. I found an alternative. Cheers!

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