Thursday 13 – Random thoughts

  1. I’m writing this bullet point on Wednesday because I am procrastinating. I took a five mile not-so-good run and now I just feel put out. I’m wondering if I should run my errands and then do computer work. But will I want to if I take that break? I guess it’s just a matter of perspective; I always thought that I had to work work work and then take my out of the house break but what if I switched it up?
  2. OK so I DID switch it up. I went and got a pedicure and the groceries I needed then I took a quick rest and got right back on my computer. Definitely not as motivated as I probably should be but then again, I am not feeling 100%. I am half wondering if last week, when I was sick for roughly 1.5 days, I had covid and now my sinuses are still suffering.
  3. I had a random thought this morning (Thursday) about people. The new neighbors have offered to take my daughter to school, since her other friend (and neighbor) is no longer riding the bus so, I don’t want her out there alone. (The lady teaches at her school so is going there anyway) This is so incredibly nice of them but also makes me wonder why the mom of her friend, when she went back to work and chose to drive her daughter to school, didn’t offer the same thing. We’ve known them far longer and I consider them friends. Maybe they are not as nice as I thought!
  4. I find I am keeping up very well right now, with all the work things and our extracurriculars. But I could see it becoming excessive and exasperating any moment. For example, I was in just the right mood Tuesday to make it all work. I was in the LC two hours, taught for 3, drove home and then left about 45 mins later to get a kid from piano, then had about 45 to feed 2 of them something before their 5:30 things. Ash took Koda to dance and I took Ell to soccer, as well as picked up Isaac’s friend and dropped them off at Chiles for a football game. I then met my husband to eat, then it rained and stuff got canceled so I did it all over again. Plus, I let my son drive in the neighborhood, which is stressful in and of itself! But I handled it all with grace. Go me.
  5. I started a new book by an author I have read and really liked before. She has very funny but typical romance novels but I read one by her a while ago where this woman is in Paris after her husband left her and she meets tall, dark, and handsome, has this wild love affair but then you find out it was all in her imagination because she was in a mental hospital. THEN you learn that the whole story was by a woman who was an author. So it was a story inside a story inside a story. So this one I am reading now, this woman’s husband died and she starts dating the roofer but she’s getting strange letters from a prisoner named Dante. I am only about 40% in but everyone’s comments make me think it’s gonna be one of a roller coaster!
  6. Yesterday’s XC meet was… fine. Isaac did it in 14 mins, which IS good – slightly over a 7 minute mile. But I have these expectations of him to really get into the 13s. Fact is, he came in 43/120 boys. I think that’s good but only so many kids on the team really contribute to the overall point system to help the school win. For example, the kid who got first, his school is still 8th, because the next kid to finish was 45th. So the point is to have a bunch of fast kids in the top 20 or so. Well, that’s not what happened BUT it was the first meet of the season. Five more to go!
  7. I am transferring pictures from my phone to the computer now and then plan to get my work work done, before driving to campus around 10:30. My class is at 11 but I had better plan for parking.
  8. It’s overcast as heck today, which never helps me to feel productive but I somehow do, even though my younger kids were super whiny and contentious this morning. In fact, they were all fighting last night on the way home from the meet. Luckily, we got to dump them back at the house and meet friends up at the bar. I mean, really, that is what we did. It’s a tap house with food but saying “the bar” sounds all dark and seedy.
  9. We were going to do a fast on Tuesday but as you can see above, we went to Chipotle. So today we are fasting (which makes the dinner decisions so much easier!) but man, I know it’s going to be hard. I had better just stay busy.
  10. OK! I made my Belleview video! Super excited about that because I had definitely been putting it off. Class starts Monday and you know, I bargain with myself: “Play one game of Puzzle Combat then check that email account.’ ; “Wash some dishes then open Zoom”; “Oh, there’s some laundry. You can put that way and then start on your work.” Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and accept reality!
  11. I have to leave in 20 to go teach and man am I hungry today! I just made my electrolyte drink (i.e. salt and magnesium, basically) and I am seriously battling the urge to eat some meat and cheese.
  12. It’s all mental, I know. Once in the classroom, there’s no food to distract me, like here at home where the pantry awaits.
  13. Is it Fall yet? I swear it seems like it ought to be happening any time now – cooler tempts, Fall décor on houses, the smell of wood burning off in the distance. That FEEL of the changing season. Once NFL really gets going and we are fully into September, I know that will happen but for now, I am just so anxious for it!

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