MMMM + Burning the candle at both ends

I would love to take a long afternoon nap, in a sliver of sunlight. Doesn’t that sound magnificent? I’m not even tired but I am sort of life-tired after the last few days.

As noted in previous posts, we had friends over Thursday night for the first NFL preseason game; drank some beer and stayed up kind of late. Got up Friday and squeezed in a two mile run and then went to work. I am trying to remember what we ate that day…oh! Ash and I immediately began brewing a red ale when I got home at 1 and then in between things, I made Mexican salads. Our plan had been to have the new-ish neighbors over around 8 but their party ended a little early so it was more like 7. They were a hoot; she works at my daughter’s elementary school and we’d met them during early covid when they moved in and could never make a plan to hang out. Do I want to hang out with them all the time? Not really, but they’re fine. I think it’s good to know your neighbors at least. So that was another late night, as they ended up staying until 12:15!

We eased into Saturday (actually slept in!) and I cleaned my bathroom and went to the store, since Isaac was going to the Springs with his friend, but by 2, we were headed to one of our friend’s houses, since he finally graduated. He’d been doing online school for six years and his wife threw a graduation party. That was a fun time; nothing crazy but he was certainly in good spirits, as he should be. We only stayed until quarter to 5, because we had a prior commitment to the Tallahassee Beer Society’s 5th birthday celebration, which was out at this cute farm/event space. Free beer and food? Yes please. Met up with a bunch of friends there and got home probably around 9 something but wasn’t awake long! We fell asleep watching that new Predator movie, Prey, and then went up to bed. I was exhausted!

I vowed not to do much Sunday; got up and casually drank my coffee but then got my stuff on to run 3 miles. Not a bad run, actually. Have to start somewhere when it’s time to train. I always forget that it takes a few longer runs to really get your body reacclimated to the all-the-time running. After that, I was going to take just the kids up to TJ Maxx but Ash decided to come with and we had a nice shopping day: got the boys backpacks and found their favorite Columbia shorts; got 2/3 of them shoes as well, then we went out for lunch. Dakota and I went to Target for school supplies after that and then a friend came over to help with some projects. Ran a couple more errands after that then in for the evening, when we finally finished the Predator movie.

All in all, a really productive weekend but I can’t pretend I don’t feel overly busy; it feels like it’s all spinning so quickly! Kids go back to school Wednesday and today is really their last hang out day, since tomorrow they have doc and hair appointments. I CANNOT WAIT for Wednesday. I talked about it before the but the Learning Commons closes for a week so I can actually be home! I can catch up on so many things. I am really going to recharge during that time.


OK the theme is about the heat! The Dog Days of Summer, as it were. I am choosing some that come to mind, even if the lyrics aren’t necessarily about being hot, per se.

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