Writer’s Workshop – Throwback

2. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from August 10 years ago and write a poem or a blog post.

My kids went back to school yesterday and the above photo is from, obviously the first day of school 10 years ago, as my oldest went to Kindergarten. He’s now in 10th grade, which is shocking at the same time as I can believe it, since he’s been a surly teenager forever.

Admittedly, he has gotten a lot better. I think a good portion of that was having more freedom as he moved into high school. Also, having more responsibility through babysitting and having a city job during certain times of the year has made him a more well-rounded person. Every couple months, he and I have a sushi date and hanging out with him is not the unpleasant experience it used to be when he was an obnoxious little kid.

It’s weird being the mom of a teen; they understand so much yet, so very little about the world. So every day is both wonderful and a mine field, since he could go off nay minute. Like yesterday, we ran into friends at Target and he said that whatever I said was embarrassing. I have zero idea what I even said that set him off but he told me I was cringe. Sigh.

I know that some day, I will be on the phone with him and he’ll be 25 and figuring out how the world works. Or he’ll be 32 and a new dad and in need of advice. I look forward to that time, I really do.

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