Friday Five –

  1. I keep seeing these yoga ball chairs in the room I sit in at work and decided to try one, since I seem to have a pinched nerve in my hip. It’s comfy for sure, but a little low. I’m a short person so I feel like I have to stretch up to type. But it’s nice for a change; makes me sit up straighter anyway.
  2. This is such a weird time for me; I discussed back in May/early June how jarring it is for school to end and camp to start and the kids to be in in-between states. The same holds up for August. This week they’ve been on their own at home, doing chores and trying not to stare at screens too long. They have two more days of that before it’s back to the grind. Then sports begin and all other extracurriculars and it’ll be crazy all the time!
  3. I woke up not feeling amazing today; don’t think we drank too much beer last night but it was the first preseason NFL game so we had a couple friends over. I drank plenty of water before bed but definitely was a little worse for wear. I did manage to drag myself up and get dressed for a run. I ran about two miles then did dishes and drove to work.
  4. I know I mentioned it already but next week, I only have to work 2 days and then I get some time at home. I CANNOT WAIT. I have this long mental list of stuff that has to be done such as taking the shower head off and cleaning it out. The water pressure seems to be dwindling and it never used to be like that. There’s other little things I need to do like dust the top of the bed frame, buy a new dish brush, wash towels, and reorganize my closet (since I’ll be sitting in there to do work for once; I miss the days of working from home.) I know getting that stuff done will make me feel so much better about life in general. It’s probably the reason my husband has found joy in trimming the hedges. We used to avoid that chore like the plague but now that he’s maintain them regularly, it’s this whole life-affirming thing, I think.
  5. It’s about to get real with all the activities: school, cross country, soccer, flag football, dance, piano, girl scouts…and that’s just my kids! I love the chaos but also crave quiet and downtime. But I don’t know I’m fooling when I say I’m going to sit around all Sunday; anyone who knows me knows I sit for ten minutes then get up and find something to do. I will sit again but then find another chore. I think it’s a better way for me to live, if we’re being honest. Anyway, off to grade some papers then onto the rest of the day!

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