Writer’s workshop – Looking at the good

2. List your top 6 favorite summer moments so far.

I couldn’t choose which one of the prompts I wanted to tackle so I went with this one because it’s been a tough summer (financially) and I figured pinpointing good stuff would make me happier.

  1. Seeing my first backyard rabbit. My daughter and I spotted it a few weeks ago. Normally we see a lot of them around mid to late May but this year, I think our barred owls have been eatin’ good in the neighborhood!
  2. Seeing my first firefly. I LOVE them and look forward to them each summer. I was bemoaning that I had not seen any for a while and then one evening, when I was actually in a particularly good mood, we’d had a rain storm and the yard was full of them! It was an all-out light show all over the yard. I was in heaven!
  3. Our entire Ohio trip! But maybe the best was sitting on the screened in porch of our airbnb one morning, drinking coffee, and catching up on writing. We didn’t have plans until later in the morning so I could finally slow down and just breathe.
  4. Last week when two of my kids were gone. Not because they were gone but because they were having respective good times. Isaac was on his own at a sleep away camp (albeit in town) and Koda was with my parents, being the only kid. As the youngest of three, she doesn’t often get to experience that.
  5. Seeing my oldest become a little more mature and responsible. I feel like it’s been since about April but I saw it a lot this summer: he’s actually thinking about what he has to get done and making good choices. Not every day, mind you, but for the most part. I was in the car with him a few days ago and realizing how I can talk to him like he understands everything – finally!
  6. Getting the pool straightened out. Sounds miniscule, I know, but when we were constantly battling algae and lack of clarity, it was a constant source of stress. Now that it is good, I feel so much better. I love our pool and maintaining it is fine but can be tiresome if it’s not swimmable!

One thought on “Writer’s workshop – Looking at the good

  1. #6 is no small thing. We didn’t have a pool, but when we bought the house it came with an oudoor hot tub, and I never quite got the chemicals right. The novelty wore off in a real hurry….

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