Wednesday ‘Podge – Life’s a beach

1. Do you like the beach? How far do you have to drive to get to the nearest beach? Your least favorite thing about the beach? Last beach trip you took? 

I LOVE the beach! It’s my favorite kind of trip but one we don’t take too often because most of my family could take it or leave it. We only really have to drive about 50 minutes to Alligator Point but we typically go to St. George Island, which is about an hour and 40. My least favorite thing about it would be when it’s too windy to play frisbee or kan jam. The last actual beach trip was last year. We go every summer at least once with friends but this year we did pontoons instead so we didn’t truly sit in the sand. Here’s a photo of our tent set up from last summer.

2. Are you known for making waves or are you more of a ‘go along to get along’ kind of person? Explain.

At work anyway, I am the one who wants to get along because I want zero drama. Maybe at home I make waves but then again, I’m the parent!

3. A favorite song that in some way references the beach? A favorite book and/or movie with a beach-y setting? 

So I read this book last year called “Tales from the Beach House” and I highly recommend it. I can’t think of any songs about the beach but I have this summer time playlist that includes some Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan where they reference sand and/or Panama City Beach.

ETA: Wow, how did I not say Jimmy Buffett? I am a huge fan!

4.Tuesday is National Simplicity Day…what’s a simple pleasure you’ve enjoyed this week? What’s something you could eliminate from your life to make things simpler? 

I took a bath last night with a Lush bubble bar and that was pretty nice. I needed to do something that had me as a captive audience so I could read. I was feeling frustrated. I think one thing I need to eliminate, hard as it may be, is undue stress. I.E. how I react to difficult things. Everyone goes through rough patches but how I react to and handle them is entirely up to me. I did do my Fall budget to figure out how I can best save money so now I feel really good.

5. What’s something you love to do? Do you do it often? Why or why not? 

Actually, I’m going to go with running. Yes, it is difficult but it is also highly enjoyable. I’m faster than I used to be, it’s good exercise, and it keeps me busy. Often? If it’s training season and that time is fast approaching!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Having done my budget and worked on a couple Fall classes already, I am getting into the mindset of Fall semester. I love Summer, I really do, but I am feeling a little over it. Not because of the heat, though this summer has been particularly hot, but because I’m just over the schedule. I am ready for the normalcy of working and my kids going to school. Plus, they’re going to make people go back full time where my husband works. It was really only a matter of time. So in that way, we’ll just be back to the life we’re so used to: school, work, sports, BUSYNESS. At the same time, I don’t want to rush it either because we always get a little burned out in the Fall with all that on top of watching a lot of Football and Ash travels (two conferences this September/October)

It’s been a day already, with us down to one car while mine is getting worked on. I started my morning by chatting to one of the girls at reception but now I have to buckle down and work.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Life’s a beach

  1. I think summer helps us appreciate the routine of fall and most of us are ready for it by the time it rolls around. We are having four huge trees taken down which is absolutely neccessary, but when I think of how much it costs and what I could do with that money on the inside of my house, or even in terms of landscaping it makes me crazy. The joys and sorrows of home ownership I guess. Alligator point? The name is interesting.

  2. I’m always ready for the more defined schedule of fall! I like the idea of taking a pop up canopy to the beach! I’m always needing shade. Happy Hodgepodge to you.

  3. I know what you mean on the summer vs. fall. My world will look totally different come fall than it has the past few years because our oldest gradated. That means many changes for us including no Friday night football watching him play.

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