13 Things – Coming up, excited, good stuff

I’m somehow in an exceptionally ‘aware’ phase of my life; sometimes I go through the motions, too busy to feel. But I am in a good mood, the sun is shining, and I’m going to detail some good stuff I’m into, liking, and looking forward to it. Because who can’t use some positivity these days?

  1. The song “Another life” by Motionless in White, a band I’d tried to get into a while ago but didn’t end up doing so. We’re seeing them in April with Ice Nine Kills and yay! They kind of speak to my younger self so sometimes that’s fun
  2. This sunshine! Sure, it’ll probably rain Friday and get ugly again but for today, it is bright and warmer than usual. I have been sitting outside for short periods of time as a reward for getting work done. My pre-Spring tan is gonna be on point!
  3. On that note, as vain as it may sound, I am already thinking about our first beach outing, probably in May. I will already be tanned and I am planning to go full keto with the intermittent fasting for two entire weeks leading up to it so I’ll look smashing in my bathing suit. Hoping that, for maybe the first time in my life, I’ll feel comfortable and confident in a two piece! Yeah, at 43 I may reach that but hey, it’s never too late to love yourself.
  4. Raised by Wolves season two is so funky and crazy that I’m in love already. I was suspect in episode one, as they tried to catch us up on where our characters are but yeah, it’s a good watch and unlike anything else!
  5. Kresley Cole’s writing. I finished Macrieve and then Munro and I had forgotten how much I love her Immortals After Dark series. I’m thinking about going back and re-reading some of them but we’ll see. I won a contest of hers once where I got them all in paperback with signed book plates so I have to dig up that bin from storage.
  6. I’m also reading In the Unlikely Event by LJ Shen and it is both amazing and heart-wrenching; a good story and I love the narration. This author also does this cool exposition thing where, at the end of certain chapters, we get a telling note from a side character, including a napkin and a cow!
  7. I’m desperately trying to get my next youtube video recorded but the camera is misbehaving. That’s not a very fun or positive one but I think the important part here is I feel motivated to do it; last week I failed to record/post anything at all.
  8. I wrote most of the above yesterday when I was in an excellent mood but today, I can’t help but feel like something is off; like I’m skirting towards some sadness. I suppose it is just from the lack of running and all the crazy life things we have going on. It feels like, just when we are free of responsibilities for a bit, the calendar fills up.
  9. I used the sauna this morning and got a really good sweat going. It was so cleansing. I am missing my routine of running/sauna/shower then working in my office.
  10. I’ve quite enjoyed my alone-time this week while the kids were at school and Ash was at work. I had a wee bit too much socializing last week and I was burned out. I really cherish being on my own day to day and just running things for myself.
  11. What I really want to do is partake in some retail therapy, though I am so NOT that kind of person. I was taking a lot of joy in that around the holidays as part of my daily schedule: work, grade papers, go to the grocery store, shop for some gifts. It made me feel balanced and accomplished.
  12. We had a lot of pizza and beer last night so today, I plan to eat something a little earlier in the day and feel better. I find that since we’ve changed our eating habits, I cannot eat larger meals in the evening. I am far better off eating lunch or late afternoon meals. So yes, today I’ll be eating some leftover pulled pork and thinking about picking up some sushi because yum!
  13. OK my camera battery charged just enough to get me another round on this filming so here goes!

2 thoughts on “13 Things – Coming up, excited, good stuff

  1. Sounds like your creativity needs a boost. Hope the camera helped. I am hoping for sunshine and spring soon. Winter is simply not my thing at all. Good luck with the dieting.

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