Friday Five – Get those endorphins flowing early

  1. We’ve been doing these high intensity upper body workouts this week and wow does my chest hurt. I think it’s good; not a part of my body I work out often so it’s a good new thing. I’m still running of course but this is a great way to tighten up.
  2. I mentioned yesterday that I’d tried getting into Motionless in White before but never gave them a proper chance. Well, they’re pretty dang good. They have a song called Brand New Numb that, if it had been out when I was 15, would have been my damn anthem. The video shows this weird girl in a band and omg that was me! This one really speaks to me.
  3. We’re going to do some beer transferring today then go to eat hibachi and then, who knows? It rained all night but will get nicer throughout the day. This weekend, we have soccer and some free time then on Sunday we’re brewing with a friend. Taking my daughter with us because she is friends with his daughter and we’re also going to make burgers over there. Should be a good time.
  4. I’ve really been enjoying the Darkhorse podcast. I mentioned them before; the two profs from Evergreen college that got run out on the heels of all this BLM/CRT stuff. The funny part is when you listen to them, they’re super reasonable. And it’s sad because they’re actually classical liberals but the new Left has alienated even them. Crazy world we’re living in.
  5. We’ve been trying to get together with our normal friend group but everyone is always so busy. This weekend, two of them are out of town and one has to take a test on Saturday. (He does online school.) So it’s just difficult to organize. I know we always come back to hanging out but there are huge gaps because we all have families and jobs and obligations!

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