Random bits as I grade – also, a breakdown of my current eating style

  • Grading and budgeting; trying not to worry about summer money – AS I ALWAYS DO. You would think I’d be well aware and just let it happen. We have all these plans and how we’ll pay for them but sometimes my overactive brain just gets overwhelmed by everything.
  • Funny little story about money: I got the bill for Elliot’s ambulance ride when he broke his leg and I was panicking. I knew insurance covers a large chunk but we’d have to pay some. Yeah, we owed… are you ready?… $2.54. I can do that!
  • Not to get political but it’s funny how many people are still wearing masks when their all-knowing God of “science”, the CDC, told them they don’t have to. You know those folks are vaccinated; they’re the ones who are scared. So why would you still muzzle yourself? They literally put out a study recently proving that no mask has a weave small enough to catch COVID particles. It’s not possible. So – surprise! – if you have not gotten it, your body’s immune system has done exactly what it was supposed to. Amazing, right? And you didn’t need an ineffective piece of cloth strapped to your mouth. Sigh. I’m over all of this entirely.
  • I will say that I am glad this info has come out because originally, when I signed my kids up for camp, they said no indoor activities AND masks all day. And I’m thinking Good luck getting kids to keep a mask on outdoors in Florida summer.
  • I have to be on a Zoom call for summer teaching from 5-7 tonight and I don’t know why they can’t pick morning times. Like, right NOW would be perfect for me. But no, we have to do times when people are, you know, making dinner for their families. Perhaps this speaks more to the fact that a lot of these folks are single and/or don’t have kids so I guess they have to work with a variety of lifestyles. But for me, it is highly inconvenient.
  • Keto and intermittent fasting are going well. I posted on IG yesterday that I hit a mere two pounds away from my wedding weight in 2005. And that was the lightest I had been since maybe middle school? Hard to say because I was so unaware of my weight then. I know that in high school I added a lot but I wore a lot of baggy clothes so I was never really in tune with it. I knew in college I was pretty flabby but I mean, I didn’t have any idea of why. It wasn’t until I was 25 that I really saw what needed to change. Funny because they say you don’t really make adult decisions until that age.
  • It’s even more amusing that really, I am not suffering on this “diet”, which is really just better eating choices. A typical week goes like this: one day is just one meal (so, say it is Monday; it just rotates around). So I will either eat lunch OR dinner and it is a keto meal. So, something like browned ground bison and asparagus. I might throw in some cottage cheese and a handful of either pecans or macadamia nuts. The following day, we will eat lunch and dinner, and one of those will be a keto meal. Ideally, we would eat all our food in a 4-6 hour window. With kid sports, etc that is not always possible. But we do try. This way, the fasting window is longer. I will say, on my non-keto meals, I don’t go crazy with carbs. For example, Ash and I went to our new fave Mexican place, La Tiendita. I get the guacamole and two steak tacos. The chips and tortillas obviously blow the keto but the rest is great for it. You want the majority of your food to be primarily fat and then protein.
  • Every single day, I weigh myself and pounds are falling off. Sure, it fluctuates. Like, if I weigh in the morning after a two meal day, I usually added 2 pounds. But once I take a walk, those will disappear. As long as I am still making progress, then I am happy. Now, I do remembering weighing in once before my wedding and it was 127.5 but typically, I hovered around 128. So when I finally get below this, it’s going to be a pretty big deal.
  • Also, we have been walking instead of running (though Ash does a HIIT run) and it does seem to be better. They say longer distance running puts too much stress on the body and raises cortisol, thereby storing more fat. What’s amusing is how we used to make fun of the walkers. They have to walk so far to get any benefit! we’d say. How wrong we were.
  • Today, I am getting my brakes worked on. I dropped the car off and walked home (only a 30 minute walk) and I’ll be going back soon. At least I get my exercise!

3 thoughts on “Random bits as I grade – also, a breakdown of my current eating style

  1. You couldn’t send your kid to the hospital in a taxi for $2.54…

    You’ve heard the old joke “a sweater is something a kid wears when his mother’s cold,” right? It’s the same with the G–D— masks. You see where her highness in the House is fining people for not wearing masks, even though everyone in Congress was vaccinated right up front and the CDC says you don’t need them if you’re fully vaccinated? My step-Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene is stacking up the fines and she doesn’t care. Maybe someone needs to propose that we get rid of the CDC because no one’s listening to them, anyway.

    This is serious. I saw a ten-year-old kid get up and tell the school board of his school that he thought it was stupid. From the sound of it, the kid’s getting hypercapnia from breathing his own carbon dioxide (he talks about being sleepy and having headaches). When will it end?

    1. RIDICULOUS. I love how people suddenly decided to listen to the CDC when they said to wear masks and now that they’ve said not to, they’re back to tuning them out. It literally makes no sense except when you realize that their plan worked: they trained every idiot without an original thought and now it’s too late.

      1. Have you read Richard Brodie’s book “Virus Of The Mind”? When all this virus BS started, I re-read it and realized that was exactly what they were doing. Especially that little weasel Fauci. You can’t convince me that this happening was a coincidence. Fauci was talking about this crap back in 2017, and he’s been funneling money to Wuhan for years. YEARS. The biggest mistake Trump made as President was keeping him around and letting him spearhead the recovery. I’ll bet he’s getting kickbacks from Pfizer, Moderna and J&J…

        Sorry, didn’t mean to dump my bucket…

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