The ‘podge – trips, idealism, and beach!

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1. Realist, idealist, optimist, pessimist…which one are you? Elaborate. 

I used to be a pessimist for sure but as I aged I am now a realist. I like to accept what is and make plans to change things I don’t like. An example of how I am a realist: when Covid first began, there was this generalized take on it that we as a society had to stop any and all people from getting sick. We’ve never really taken this approach before and it is entirely unrealistic. People get sick; people die. And as a whole, we don’t really have it in our hands to stop what happens to individuals because their health is their issue. They should make their own choices to better their lives so they can at least try to avoid getting sick.

2. What’s something currently on your wish list? 

A food processor. Crazy I don’t own one, right? And to be clear, I really only want it to make salsa.

3. Three things on this week’s shopping list? 

A beach cart, sunscreen, and new board shorts for me. Can you tell we’re gearing up for beaching?

4. According to Trip Advisor here’s a list of the top ten things to do in the US this summer-Chicago Architecture River CruiseSkip the Line Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour,New York In A Day  guided sightseeing tour,Charleston’s Old South Historic Horse and Carriage tourGrand Canyon helicopter tourFull day iconic sights of LA, Beverly Hills, Beaches and more,D.C. at Dusk guided night tour,Beneath the Streets Underground History tour (Seattle)New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat tour,Gangsters and Ghosts tour in Chicago…read more about each excursion in the link here. 

Of the ten attractions listed which do you find most appealing? Have you already experienced anything on this list? 

Well isn’t this timely?? This morning, my middle boy and I were watching a video about the Chicago fire and I said that there are some underground city relics you can tour. So we looked up other cities with that and were intrigued by Seattle. Now honestly, I have zero interest in that city for a multitude of reasons but I would totally do that tour!

5. Besides home and work where do you spend the most time? 

Wow, this is actually a tough questions. And oddly enough, I am going to say the grocery store. I am not a person who shops for the whole week. While I do plan many meals, etc, I also like to do some last minute decision making and run up to get what I want, when I want. I’m American; I’m spoiled like that. LOL. I bet if you added up all my Publix hours they might come close, however, to the amount of time I spend at the ball fields. Since all 3 kids play sports nearly year-round, We are always either at a practice or a game. So that is probably a close second.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

This week has been an interesting one; one that took me away from blogging. Monday I was simply busy. Ash and I took a four mile walk then went to lunch and ran errands, not really resting until about 3:30. Then Dakota had a baseball game at 6. Yesterday, I walked early as well but I had no internet AND no phone service for some odd reason. So work work was off the table. I ended up cleaning and running errands and reading a lot. And now we’re here: I’m going to mow the lawn after I take my son to school and then go to lunch. My parents are coming this weekend to help out because the time has drawn nigh for our weekend beach thing with some friends. I like these people, I do, but they are so wishy washy! At first, they planned a 2 hour from-shore fishing thing. Then canceled. Then they planned a big breakfast and we all had to bring something. Then they rethought that. Then we had zero plans until last night when they booked jet skis, which Ash and I are not in for. We rode them at the lake a few weeks ago and we both agree that they go way too fast for our liking AND on the Gulf water? No thanks. So he and I booked a 3 hour dolphin snorkling thing, which sounds so awesome. I am only slightly stressed about how everything will work out and I hate that my parents have to do more than originally anticipated (when we planned this, there was no soccer tournament or kid with a broken leg!) but hey, that’s what family is for!

2 thoughts on “The ‘podge – trips, idealism, and beach!

  1. I’m reading and nodding my head to your answer to the first question. Lots of unrealistic things happening right now in our world. Would you believe we lived in the Seattle area for 30 years and we never did the underground tour!? Sheesh. We saw most everything else, though. Hope your beach trip all works out well for everyone!

  2. I liked your answers. #1 was right on. I grew up near Seattle and never did the tour, lol. A few years ago I would have said I spent most of my time at soccer fields or in the car because our daughters played club soccer and we had games and practices all the time. Now they are both grown and I sometimes miss those days.

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