MMMM + PCB weekend recap

Hey y’all, I am actually writing on a Monday! My life’s been pretty nutty lately and I find that blogging on the first day of the week becomes less and less feasible.

Anyway, let’s go back. On Friday, Ash and I got on the road around 9:45 and drove the 2 hours to Panama City Beach, wasting a bit of time in a shopping center before meeting our friends at a craft beer/burger place. So good, too! I don’t eat many burgers these days but it was awesome. Oh yeah, the keto was all off the table this weekend! After food, we wasted time before our airbnb check in time at Dave and Buster’s and some places in Pier Park, which is just tourist central. When we were able to go to our place, we all got settled and got our beer going, then we played some Kan Jam before going to a place called Salty Sue’s for dinner. Super busy place but great food. I had shrimp, cheese grits, and cole slaw and Ash said the ribeye was good. Everyone else enjoyed their food too. We were all exhausted that night and kind of turned in early.

Saturday, Ash and I had planned an 8 am 3 hour trip on a catamaran for snorkeling and dolphin sighitng so we did that while the others hung around the house until their 11 am jet ski thing. I was glad we did our thing instead; the jet skis sounded like a dumpster fire because one of our friends fell off his and couldn’t get back on and the guys running the operation were super unhelpful. Our thing was cool; the boat was a nice ride and we walked on Shell Island for a while. The snorkeling wasn’t amazing because the wind made it a bit too cold but we did enjoy it overall. We met up at a British eatery after, which was a major disappointment because they didn’t have any sausages or British beer – on tap or otherwise. Lame. In the afternoon, we actually went to the beach. I sat out, the menfolk did body boarding, and it was a nice short amount of time in direct sun.

When we got home, we relaxed a little bit and then went to a Mexican place for dinner then lit these Chinese lantern things into the sky. That was a fun little activity to do! After that, it was bedtime and then next morning, everyone was up pretty early and we got back on the road by about 8:15! That was nice. I love vacation but I also like coming home. And it helped out my parents because they’d been on kid duty all weekend! They had taken Koda to her Friday baseball game, then Isaac to an 8 am and a 2 pm soccer game. I really hated to miss his first ever tournament with this soccer organization, especially since his team won their division! I was only partially paying attention or thinking about it all since I was technically on vacation but my mom and Isaac filled me in after each game then they ended up tying the final team (which was a particularly rough group they got creamed by earlier in the season) and they ended up with enough points to move into first. AND my son got the winning goal! I couldn’t be more proud. A couple weeks ago, when he played particularly awful and we were mad at his coach, we considered not even doing it again but I think this solidified that he’ll for sure play Fall season.

Anyway, here we are and this morning; my oldest went back in to have his long leg cast removed and a short one put on, just below the knee. He’s pretty happy about it though not used to using those muscles in the lower thigh so it feels weird. We’re letting him stay home today because he just feels unstable, I guess.



OK so Eurovision, eh? I have definitely heard of it but not really a follower. However, I looked at the lists and aside from ABBA, hadn’t heard of any. However, here’s the one I liked the most:

4 thoughts on “MMMM + PCB weekend recap

  1. Wow – this was so different from anything I heard in the 2021 finals (which I was able to stream). Kind of reminded me of Rammstein, which Octane used to play (but I haven’t heard anything by them lately.)

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