Wednesday Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond

1. It’s like my mama always said, “______________________________________________.” 

Life isn’t fair; get over it! I hated when she told me that as a kid but I get it now and know she wasn’t wrong. And I tell my kids that too! When my oldest complained it wasn’t fair he broke his leg… nope, of course not. It’s not fair that we don’t have gas around here but that’s the way the world works!

2. May 11th is National Eat What You Want Day. What will you be having by way of celebration? 

Hmm, well, today I will be eating one semi-healthy keto meal but yesterday I had leftover hibachi rice, noodles, veggies and a couple shrimp for lunch, then some chocolate cake, and then Costco chicken alfredo for dinner. I think that was enough cheating for me!

3. Describe your idea of a perfect spring day.

This is obviously one that involves copious amounts of sunshine but also, a cool breeze and no allergies!

4. Success, fulfillment, growth, achievement…pick one and tell us how it relates to your life in some way, either currently or in days gone by. 

I think growth is the right word here because without the ability to grow or the openness to grow and change, none of the other stuff would follow. I think in realizing many things about myself as a wife, a mom, an employee, etc, I have found ways to be a better person in general.

5. I saw this going around on various social media sites and thought it would be fun to answer here. The last thing you bought on Amazon is your weapon in battle. How will you wield it?  (if you’re not an Amazon shopper, then the last thing you bought online anywhere)

LOL I bought an Arm and Hammer spinbrush toothbrush. I guess I could, like, blind people in battle? That thing is strong as heck when you first use it. It nearly blasts away my gums!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I skipped my weekend recap Monday because it was a busy day. Elliot had a doc appointment at 8 and I thought they were just going to do an xray to make sure the nails were holding the bones together but they ended up taking his cast off to check the blood bruise to make sure there was no infection (there wasn’t). So he got a new cast and we were there about 2 hours after all that. Ash and I went to Costco after and then in the afternoon, I couldn’t get motivated to do much else.

But our weekend was nice. Dakota had a baseball game Friday evening, which they won, and then we went to our friends Todd and Bridgette’s house with our other friends, Robert and Courtney. The boys are all friends so it was nice for Ell to get out. Saturday, we took Elliot out to his soccer game so he could watch his team and they all saw him for the first time since the leg incident. That was really nice. That evening, we went out to hibachi for mother’s day, trying to beat the Sunday crowds. So much food! I don’t really eat like that anymore. We ended up each taking a huge box home too. On Sunday, I did laundry and made steaks for lunch. We didn’t do too much else other than transfer beer. Ash and I went for Mexican for dinner because I’d been craving spicy foods. So all in all, a very nice weekend!

This morning, even though my gas light had not come on, I knew I was close so I fired up GasBuddy and even though it was on and off, it finally loaded and indicated that the Walmart may have gas. So I tried my luck and lo and behold, there was. And the line wasn’t too bad. Sadly, they only had 93 and charged $3.67! But now I am set for a while and if people keep panic buying, I’ll be alright. Every idiot who filled multiple containers can suck it. You probably still have toilet paper socked away too, don’t you? Sorry; that was mean. I just can’t stand people sometimes. Think for yourselves; do your research. There was no actual gas shortage from the source; just people panic buying that caused it.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be rainy and crappy all day and you know what that does to my motivation. But I am going to grade papers and make some appointments and try to make it through until dinner, when I can eat! Intermittent fasting works but some days are harder than others.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. Oh boy…I hope the panic about gas doesn’t hit our region. Don’t want to go back to the ‘Carter’ days of rationing for sure! Haha love your battle plan with that toothbrush!

    1. I just saw a reference to those gas lines back in the day and I remember my parents talking about them. It’s crazy how things circle about.

  2. We filled up here yesterday. Hubs waited in line with his car, then took mine back but they were out so had to go to another station for mine. I wanted to get the boat out but if gas isn’t available that might have to wait. And the prices!! Whew…feels like the 70’s all over again. I feel like a toothbrush could be an effective weapon. Better than my ink cartridge : )

  3. I’ve hardly been watching the news so when I started seeing things about gas I was like, hmmmI better fill up. I’m on the west coast so not sure it’s bad yet. I don’t know. Enjoyed your answers.

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