Random Tuesday – Can’t find gas, late start to work, kid back at school

  • In case you were not aware, there was a “cyberattack” (aka China again) on some Southeastern pipeline and now there’s no gas. I wasn’t aware that today would be the day we had a shortage so I am at a quarter tank and effed. Luckily, my husband filled up at Costco yesterday. The line there today was WAY too long. I just need enough to get me through taking Elliot to school all week as he has gone back!
  • He was ready to go back and felt comfortable with crutches but I was still a little worried about him. At some point though, with all kids, you just have to throw them to the wolves. They’ll never make it on their own if you don’t.
  • So now, it is nearly noon and I am just getting started on work that has to get done asap. But I went to the chiropractor and then to Bass Pro for shorts since nothing I own fits. I lost enough weight that all my shorts sag on me. This is a good problem to have, of course. But I had to spend money, which I am actively trying not to do.
  • Back to the gas issue; if I get desperate, I have about a gallon and a half in the lawn mower container so I mean, that’d get me to and from Ell’s school.  Someone at DOT said she heard end of the week for more but my sister said a guy at her gas station said 3 weeks. I mean, the dude at the quickie mart or someone on the ground with transportation – who do you believe?
  • I am grading papers and getting back to a “normal” setting. I have not been home here working by myself since Ell broke his leg back in April. It’s kind of a shock for me, to be honest. I feel adrift in some ways since it’s my first day back to that but I am also not in the normal semester stuff: one class just started, 3 have ended, and 2 are in final grading. So I mean, I am just…. here, trying to cobble it all together. You’d think by a certain time in one’s life, you’d figure out how to get past hurdles and obstacles but it is not without difficulty! 

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Can’t find gas, late start to work, kid back at school

  1. I’m happy to hear that you have enough gas to get through the week. Man, what a mess whoever the powers that be are right now have created. Fortunately, Mary filled up before this latest crisis started, and since we hardly go anywhere the tank is pretty full. She only fills the tank about once a month anymore. My biggest concern is the delivery trucks and vans, particularly the grocery ones….

    Still, I’m happy to hear Eli is back on his feet, albeit with crutches.

      1. The premium gas never sells out, because very few people buy it or the midgrade. With any luck, it’ll be the only time you need to buy it.

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