Random tidbits

  • After having been in a fog for two days (day one of sickness then day two recovering) I finally feel like a human again today and I feel motivated! I’m going to grade a lot of papers today, get thing posted for sale on ebay, take care of my son, and maybe – just maybe – go get that pedicure I keep talking about.
  • If I have time, I am starting on my battle jacket. I still have until August but I swear the weeks are flying by. In fact, I am kind of amazed that it is already May. It’s so weird how time moves; my son is one week out from his surgery, nearly two since he actually broke his leg. Seems like a lifetime ago but then, two weeks only!
  • It was supposed to rain today but it is sunny! I don’t think you understand how happy this makes me. I know it sounds dumb but I have motivation issues on rainy days. I know some people just love those but my personal opinion is that they see it as an excuse to be lazy. LOL. Sorry if that’s you but that’s just how I view it. (This is my sister to a T, so I feel like I can say this.)
  • Going back to time, today has gone by so fast! I have been grading and posting CDs to ebay. I picked up 55 of them from a thrift store that literally sells them for 10 cents. They sell for at LEAST 4 bucks on the internet so I am already banking. It looked like someone dumped their whole collection and they had a ton of random and rare punk stuff. So here’s hoping folks are searching for that!
  • I was so motivated today that after the store – and finding canning jars, miraculously – I tried my hand at candied jalapenos. They were not difficult but as it was my first time, I was a little off on proportions. Plus, the recipe called for 30 peppers. I had 8 from my plants and was going to supplement from the store but theirs were HUGE. I got about 7 from there and the halved the recipe. I think it turned out well. The one on the internet said 2 pint size jars. I filled 3 half pints. I got a recipe from my friend’s mom whose peppers I had had before. She does official canning in a water bath but the one I got was the exact same but said you can simply refrigerate for about 3 months. Water baths scare me and I haven’t done them before (even though I know you can with the sous vide) so I went with the easier route. We will see!
  • My dad is supposed to Zoom with us later to plan our Texas trip but he hasn’t answered my texts yet. This kind of thing gives me anxiety because even though we talked about it yesterday, why is he not answering? Is he out helping my sister with something? Running errands? Or something worse? He was making plays in Words with Friends this morning so fingers crossed everything is ok. Now you know what goes through my head every day. LOL.

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