MMMM + I love a weekend with no plans

After two weekends in a row with lots of activity, we didn’t do too awful much this one. Ash had guys’ dinner Thursday so I took the kids out (also for pizza) that night. Then Friday, Ash had a half day and we met his friend up at the brewery that’s only a mile from us. That was pretty nice but put me out; a flight, a pint, and a huge nacho put me down for the count! I don’t even remember what we did that evening.

Saturday we had 9 and noon soccer games. The boys played a team that wasn’t particularly good but his team wasn’t quite awake. They managed to eke out a win, 5-4, but it was a tough game. Dakota’s poor team lost miserably but they seem to be playing better! We had lunch after then did little else. I had cleaned bathrooms during the hour in between games and when we got back later, I managed to do a little more cleaning. Took a quick nap then made spaghetti. We did karaoke as a family and surprisingly, I managed to sing without a drink in me! Actually, I didn’t drink Saturday or Sunday; I guess because we’d had beer a lot the previous week. Plus, we had plans to run Sunday.

Saturday evening we watched a couple movies: a documentary on the VHS revolution and then No Safe Spaces, the Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager collab. It was worth my time; I’d originally gone into it thinking that they weren’t going to tell me anything I didn’t already know. I am all too aware of how bad college campuses are now about free speech. There’s a reason I left FSU, you know. But it was a good documentary and I am glad we stayed up a little late to finish it.

Sunday, it was raining but I ran 4 miles anyway. Ash and Elliot ran 5. I am so proud of that kid; he committed to running on Saturday evening – his choice – and followed through the next day. After our run, we had lunch and again, did little else. I did laundry and napped. Ash played with the kids in the yard some and we watched some kid movie. In the evening, because it was a no dinner night for us adults, we brewed again. We have four in now: one on tap, one ready to be tapped in about a week. One that just got done fermenting, then the one we brewed last night. That’s a lot of beer! It will get consumed, I am sure. I know we’ll probably take some next weekend.

So last weekend, we went to the neighbors’ for the McGregor fight and met some new people. The neighbors are hardcore libertarians and these folks, I guess, are also big in our local chapter or whatever. Anyway, yesterday morning I had a facebook message from the woman asking if we wanted to go to their place for a Superbowl party. She has kids very close to the ages of ours so she specifically asked if everyone wanted to attend. Should be pretty fun. I am going to make a jalapeno popper dip and bring the homebrew.


“Sweet” is the theme for today? I love that this can be open to interpetation. How about I actually just play SWEET?

And now a song with that word in it:

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