Man, it has been A WEEK! From not knowing if my two TCC classes would open at all to having three of them, plus all the other stuff I am doing to prepare, I have been just beat. The last two evenings I fell asleep in my chair by 9! Just plain exhausted. Heap onto that the kids going back to school and having soccer practice and we are back to our normal, busy selves.

It’s funny; I had a student this morning say he likes to run but can’t right now due to Covid. This is mystifying. First, you’re outside. Second, you can be alone. Third, we’re in Florida’s armpit and numbers aren’t bad. Fourth, this thing isn’t that dangerous. On that note, now that Beijing Biden is going to be the president, can we stop with all the stupidity? People overreacted so they could blame Trump; I get it. People have an unusually high amount of hate and needed someone to direct it towards.

My social media feeds have literally been compromised by morons who were ok with people burning down businesses for months on end but one 3 hour riot leads to throwing around words like treason. I purged a good deal of those losers but still, I am steering clear of news for a while. We did, however, see who is really in charge here: big tech.

Anywho, I have one more class today and then I can eat and relax. At least, I hope. Chances are, someone will email me this afternoon. People tend not to do anything all week then rush to the end on Friday. Yeah, I work the opposite way. Funny. Well, I had best be going to class. It’s always nice to start off a semester but talk to me in 8 or 9 weeks when I am tearing my hair out!

2 thoughts on “Fri…yay!

  1. And, as riots go, it wasn’t really all that destructive. It looked like a lot of the “rioters” were there just to riot and were helped by the Capitol police. The woman who was killed was probably shot by a Secret Service agent…

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