We made it to Wednesday, y’all

Somehow, this feels like a feat in and of itself. Time moves so strangely these days. We were just talking about Christmas and some of the stuff we did during the holiday weeks and it feels like forever ago and yet, no more than 10 days or so. It seems like just yesterday that the kids were finishing up Flag football season and then last night, they all began soccer season. It really is a shock how all this moves so fluidly.

If you read yesterday, then you know I was in dire straights for a short time. Yes, the community college job hung in the balance. But I should have known that they work at the last minute; it seems to be their M.O. It’s not their fault really; the kinds of students (most of them anyway) who go to this school like to do things at the last second – you know, like register for courses. So around 3:30, I was notified by my Dean that my two courses were full and I’d soon get access to them! I was very very relieved. Then this morning, I was just offered a third section. Geez, I couldn’t say no; but it will be so so much work. I am going to have to buckle down like never before, especially because my Ashland courses will require a lot more of me than they did last term. I am scared to death and grateful as heck for the opportunity.

So yeah, no complaints because that money is appreciated. Especially if camp happens this summer. I mean, the one the kids normally go to. In the past, they’ve all gone to the community center for all 10 weeks. It’s a hefty sum to dish out but the cheapest camp in town. This year though, Elliot has aged out of it but can be a counselor in training. I don’t know; I may send them there for a few weeks and then back to the one at the private school up the road. They did that one this past summer (since it did open during covid) and they liked it. But now that I know I will be able to sock away money, I need to plan ahead. Half of the one camp is always due in late March!

So I am entirely relieved today while at the same time being overwhelmed by the set-up work required to get courses off the ground. I have to prioritize, really. Ashland dual enrollment begins Monday so things need to be ready and clear about the first couple weeks at least. I have to record a welcome video and have my weekly plans labeled. I need to touch base with my on-the-ground TA and see how she wants to handle things. And I have to be super upfront about my goals and measurables because high schools are apparently way more strict than colleges!

So yes, that’s where we stand. I am busy but happy to be so.

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