Well, that’s not good

Have you ever been in a situation where something you’re counting on – something big and integral to your life – hangs in the balance? Well, for me, that is the case today. I’m not much of one for prayer but I am on my knees asking God to help me out here. I was assigned two courses at the community college but as of right now, they are not opened or assigned to me. They are low on enrollment. So as I try to gather my thoughts to work on my other job stuff, I am worried that that may not happen. However, in some ways, this has happened before. At SNHU, which was always my part-time extra cash, I’d sometimes not get an assignment and I’d panic and then it would all work out fine.

Here’s hoping that this is also one of those times. I stress and stress and worry and plan and apply to a ton of other jobs whenever this occurs. I suppose I could do more to have something solid. After all, I left a steady, albeit shitty, office job that at least I knew would pay the bills every month. But when I made the choice to leave, I had everything lined up: SNHU, Ashland, and TCC. All fairly realizable and steady. I suppose you can blame covid for the lower enrollment but it would appear that numbers are similar to any other Spring term. And that more students are registering for online anyway, which I recently became qualified to teach for TCC. So I have done the things I can do and maybe my only folly was in thinking this would not go awry because the market shifts. But again, I have put it in God’s hands now and I only hope that he hears my request.

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