MMMM + I almost quit the blog but here I am

Well, I paid for another year of wordpress so I guess I’m here for the time being. I think I may go down to the free version in the next year but who knows. I do still enjoy writing here and I think the real stumbling block was the changes we made in 2020 with being home all the time. My husband may start going into the office one day a week soon and then work up to three. They have to go back at some point, you know? I am sure some folks want to stay home indefinitely but I myself find that disturbing. Like there was some coup staged to get people even more separated and only interacting online and I kind of hate that. As much of an introvert as I am, I still enjoy in-person interactions and I ain’t giving that up!

Speaking of, we did a lot of that over the holidays. On the 23rd, we hung out with a couple friends and it was nice to a.) get away from the kids for a bit and b.) see the Christmas decor at their home. I think (and this sounds terribly spoiled) my house is so large – or rather, has large spaces – that decoration, no matter how many I have, seem too spread out. My friend’s living room is small so all her stuff meshes so well together and make it homey and seasonally appropriate.

Christmas was Friday but we needed time to chill after (and watch football) so we visited my parents the following Monday. Got there around 10 their time and made the most of our time; brewery, Apple Market, enchiladas. The next day, we went to my sister’s new place for brunch. She is very excited to have a big enough place to host but she may have jumped the gun a little. She didn’t have pot holders or hot pads or a trash can. LOL. When you get to be 36, I feel like it is time to pick it up in certain areas. But hey, she and her boyfriend made great food and were good hosts. Once done there, we kind of just hung around until dinner time when we ordered pizza then got on the road. I needed Wednesday to recover; do laundry and put away all the Christmas stuff. Thursday we relaxed too but then went to our friend’s neighborhood for New Year’s eve. They have a very close-knit ‘hood so the kids ran around with the others kids and we walked to a few different peoples’ homes. The couple across the street cooked deer sausage and tenderloin to share and had s’mores for the kids. At midnight we all rang in the year together; it was very nice, considering the year everyone claims to have had (I mean, by the phonies on those countdown shows. Those guys definitely didn’t suffer AT ALL.). I mean, none of us really suffered and for that I am endlessly grateful.

The following day was very low-key. I didn’t drink, I ran a couple miles, I even ate fruit! Starting off 2021 right. Same went for Saturday and then yesterday, we visited family friends in the next town over and shot the guns and caught up with them. All in all, this break has been pretty nice. Definitely no complaints! But it is time to get back down to business. Kids go back to school tomorrow and I have to buckle down on my work. Some classes began today, some start Thursday, and the rest, the following week. It’s always hard starting up again but before I know it, I will be back in the groove of working. I don’t like making resolutions or anything but I do have a goal for January: don’t get blue. I tend to feel so deflated from the holidays but this year, I think that can be avoided. So in that vein, let’s have a couple songs that talk about keeping your chin up.

2 thoughts on “MMMM + I almost quit the blog but here I am

  1. I am one of those who is looking forward to working from home indefinitely! But I do get my social interactions at church each week, so I am not completely a hermit here.

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