Random… Wednesday? Just never did post

  • I can’t tell you how freeing it is not to have to Zoom this week! Classes for that job are over and now I am just grading. I checked email yesterday and began SNHU assignments and then? I didn’t do much after. I cleaned up a little, even though my kids cleaned the house for me while I ran Sunday. It was a total shocker but they did so well!
  • Ash and I went to the mall for lunch on Monday, then got about 15 beers to try from Beer Stop, then we went to the grocery store and home, where we decided to tackle gift wrapping. We got almost everything we’ve purchased so far wrapped! The kids flipped when they got home too. We thought about maybe putting some out each day instead but eh, I like them to be anxious about the pile. I also like to fake threaten to take some away when they misbehave!
  • We split about 6 of the beers we bought so that was kind of nice; to have a day where I didn’t have any major deadlines and I got holiday things done and tried some good beer. Cannot complain about that in the slightest.
  • We took an evening walk – I’m disappointed in how few houses have Christmas lights up, considering how many decorated for Halloween – and it was nice to get out in the fresh air, especially after the beer. It was sobering to walk in the cold; lol. Then I promptly fell asleep when the Buffalo game was on. Luckily I woke up for the last quarter. Super glad I drafted Josh Allen, even despite a couple low-scoring weeks.  I am doing well in my fantasy league; not so much in Ash’s work league.
  • I really feel so up and down these days. I have stopped reading a lot of news and/or watching Youtube. Sometimes I still check in on my people and their vids and some are funny but mainly, it reminds me how bad things are. We really are being lied to in so many ways; forced to stay home and check our phones, just waiting for marching orders. I think there will be a breaking point when a vast majority see all this for what it is. In the meantime, apparently Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are putting out a lockdown protest song. I can get behind this!
  • Have you been listening to Christmas music non-stop? I have! And we have worked our way through a fee movies: Christmas Vacation, Jingle all the Way, and the old Rudolph special. Honestly, this stuff is keeping my afloat in so many ways, as my semester winds down and we hurtle towards the 25th.
  • On Tuesday, we did some more Christmas stuff. We had soup and salad for lunch then went to Walmart, Bass Pro, and Costco, since they are all in the same area. I think I have enough for each kid now so anything extra will be just that: small random stocking type items. I think I am done with my husband too: I am actually kind of proud of myself this year. Sometimes he’s the hardest to shop for!
  • Just had a meeting with my point person for a high school dual enrolled college course I teach and was surprised to find an admin took offense to some comment I apparently made about shootings in schools. I went back through all my feedback and could find nothing that was even remotely controversial! (A relief for me; I thought maybe I’d been careless in my comments and said something; I am very aware the different between a high school senior living at home and a college kid on their own.) Anyway, I compiled all gun essay related comments and sent it to my lady so she can use that. Here’s hoping there’s no other issues.
  • Just took a two miles run and even though it is cold, I felt really good. In fact, I feel really motivated today. Love that feeling!

2 thoughts on “Random… Wednesday? Just never did post

  1. I’m ready to participate in a mass act of civil disobedience. Things aren’t locked down here, but I wonder if it’s just a matter of time.

    In our family, we never started listening to Christmas music until after my brother’s birthday, which is this Friday. Nevertheless, I put on “The Andy Williams Christmas Album” the other day, which was a perennial favorite at our house when Mom was alive.

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