Random Tuesday – Motivated via others, winding down, etc

  • It’s cold! The feels like temp was 26 this morning. Ugh! You know me; I do not like being cold. But, ’tis the season.
  • Speaking of, the Xmas gifts are rolling in. One for the husband got here very early this morning and I hope he didn’t look at the front porch cam and see it, since it was literally in its normal box, picture and all. It’s a big ass mailbox. He saw one on a walk a few days ago so I went ahead and got one. He’s not an easy guy to shop for as it is, though he thinks he is. On this same note, I think I had better start wrapping stuff. I like to have some boxes under the tree throughout the month because it looks oddly bare without them.
  • I’ve been reading books about Florida and all its odd glory recently. It’s pretty amusing to learn about some of our quirkier history and some of the wackos who live here. I am guessing every state has some of that but we’re pretty special down here. I just like reading non-fiction I think. Though I did begin a romance novel where the main heroine’s name is mine – which makes it kind of interesting. LOL.
  • I felt pretty blah all yesterday. Just not feeling like doing much of anything at all. But we did. I did my teaching, graded some,  the we watched Tenet, which is just another one of those mentally taxing, irritating movies. I like Nolan and I think Dark Knight is his best work. But this one (as well as Inception) are just not my cup of tea. Watching it just made me want to watch Batman.
  • Ash is reading Spawn and as he talks about whatever he just read, it makes me want to go back to reading Batman comics but then, I have no interest in having a pull list and collecting physical books anymore. I guess I’ll need to jump on the digital bandwagon and read them on a device if I really want to go back to it. I do so miss the on-going stories and just the reliability of having that in my life.
  • Last night, the younger kids were playing around while we were sitting by the fire pit and unfortunately, Dakota ran into the guidewire that keeps our lights above the pool up. She knew it was there but forgot I guess. She has this nasty red line across her face now! I feel badly for her but hope she’s young enough she’ll recover. If Elliot can come back from literal road rash on his face from a scooter fall when he was 9, I think she can. I am sure school will be interesting for her though: “What happened to your face??”
  • This is my last week teaching on Zoom for a bit. I am happy to be finishing up this term because it has been exhausting. I am also just sick of seeing these kids. LOL.
  • My husband is motivated today, which makes me feel like I have to do stuff.  He’s putting up his projector screen today, as well as starting on the outdoor Christmas lights. Yay, Christmas!

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