MMMM + Like I need more stress

WELL, I just turned in final grades for four classes. I have 2 more due Thursday then the next week I turn in my final two courses. Then I can be done – yeah, right! I still have to prep and plan for Spring. Such is the life of a college instructor.

Speaking of, I had a conversation with my point person at Ashland last week and apparently a high school admin (for my dual enrollment course) took issue with a comment I apparently gave on one of the student’s gun laws paper. My person asked that I go back through them all and compile the comments. So I did and honestly, none of them are even remotely problematic but she said she might have to meet with them. So today, I got an email asking if I had time to talk to her later this week. I immediately panicked and then thought, “Wait a minute; I know what I’m doing and instead of cowering or saying sorry and amending myself to go along with potentially silly rules, I am going to stand up for what I know I am doing right.” So if that is what we’re going to talk about, I am going to stand my ground. The students had to write a synthesis essay so all sides of the issue had to be explored. My job is to show them other avenues that they can research. I don’t know why I panic right away!

It’s funny but this reminds me of when I was a camp counselor when I was 18. The director of the camp, Judy, got on me because she said I “didn’t look” friendly and that might make the kids dislike me. And I told her to ask them how they liked me and when she came into my class once, the kids (not to pat myself on the back) told her how much they loved me. It was a funny moment but I feel like I am in these situations often. I don’t fit a lot of molds so people want to project on to me. But like with this high school class; read their end of semester reflections. They speak volumes, trust me.

The weekend was pretty good. Ash and I drank some stouts Friday and watched Christmas movies. The boys finished up flag football season and we went to lunch. Ash took our oldest out to do shopping, which was probably good for them. Sure, they do stuff together but the boy is 13 so there’s always a bit of a disconnect anyway.

I ran Sunday and made some shopping runs and then we mostly just watched football. Today, I am dealing with various annoyances but you know, that’s life. I tend to plod along, trying not to cause waves, keep head down/get work done. But the world doesn’t always work that way. There are confrontations, miscommunications, and slip-ups. We must navigate them the best we can. And I have to remember not to get too comfortable because random stuff that causes issues can happen any moment!

OK, I’m going off the rails with this week’s Xmas music pick. I love some smooth jazz renditions of these songs and here’s well over an hour!

One thought on “MMMM + Like I need more stress

  1. Just the other day, I played the three volumes of the GRP Christmas Collection (from back when GRP was the name in smooth jazz). This is nice and smooth. Never heard of this guy Dr SaxLove, but he plays well.

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