Random Tuesday – TV viewing, inclement weather, overly busy

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, I figured out bullets in the new WordPress system. Yay for me! Admittedly, I am having a very organized week. My brain seems to be working and for now, I am on top of everything.
  • I know this sounds crazy but when I have an outside interest, I seem to be able to keep my work stuff in line. Right now, we’re watching two shows I enjoy so that’s kind of driving me.
  • Oh, the two shows? The Boys season 2 is one of them. It’s incredibly graphic and kinda crazy but I love it. The idea that there are superheroes who are not the wonderful upstanding citizens we think they are is fascinating. The other one is Raised by Wolves on HBOMax. Super weird and science-fictiony but makes you think a lot. Also, Travis Fimmel is super hot. I remember being into him in the early 2000s when he was a Calvin Klein model and then wanting to watch Vikings but never doing it. He’s gorgeous in this show, in case you’re interested. But aside from that, the show is very well done.
  • tumblr_1a6e3ca97d074c95b8bae0c4e50aa3ec_4e0ed400_540
  • I’ve also been watching Friday night WWE a little. Their stories and general business practices have been pretty cruddy lately but then Roman Reigns came back and we get Jeff Hardy/AJ Styles matches and a girl can’t help it. I love them too much to ignore it.
  • There’s a hurricane south of us, which is making it incredibly dreary here. Elliot’s cross country tryouts got canceled due to the rain and lightning yesterday so here’s hoping they get to run today. I can’t control the rain but it is endlessly tiring having to work around it. And on that note, with flag football looking like it’s going to go off, it’s kind of better that it’s later. Ending the rainy season and moving into a cooler season.
  • I’m totally ready for some cooler temps even though I do love summer and being warm. At some point I tire of it and want the cooler running weather. And drinking tea and thinking about the first fireplace fire and when we can have people over to sit on the deck comfortably and watch a movie on the projector. I yearn to drink a stout or porter without feeling like it’s too heavy. But I am also yearning for in-person gatherings again. Sure, we went to a couple breweries last weekend with 3 other people, but I want Brew Club to come back. And, well, concerts too. Though I know those are a bit further out. I need to see live music; my soul needs it.
  • In sad news, I apparently didn’t cut it as a personal assistant. I got hired by a virtual company but after a few months, they failed to pair me with a client based on my skillset. I personally call BS. The woman who actually brought me on, I think, had an idea for me but then she quit soon after and her replacement didn’t try very hard. I mean, this is how I interpret it anyway. Who actually knows what happened. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be and I was going to be too overworked if I took that on. I mean, I have little time as it is so I think that would have been pretty hard for me to fit in.
  • Zoom is exhausting and teaching this way is not conducive to learning for every student. I find that a number of them are confused and also have an issue listening. They constantly email me saying they can’t remember what I said and I think it’s because their home is too distracting. I am so ready for us to move beyond this virus protocol and go back to normal!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – TV viewing, inclement weather, overly busy

  1. I use Markdown for the numbered and bulleted lists, and for links, boldface and italics. It really makes life easier than trying to figure out all their stupid blocks. I should write up something about it…

    We’re overcast and getting ready to get hit with lots of rain here, too. ‘Tis the season to get rained on, fa la la la la, la la la la… The good news is that it’s cooled off quite nicely hre.

    Your being able to better focus on work when you have a lot going on is proof of the old adage “if you want something done, ask a busy person.”

    If the digital assistant company hired you then let you go because they couldn’t find work for you, that’s on them, not on you.

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