MMMM + Things feel normal

Well, despite people on Facebook broadcasting this meme stating that “Just because you’re over it doesn’t mean it’s over”, here where I live, things feel relatively normal. Now you can call it the BS “new normal” if you want but I can tell you this: we still only have 45 deaths since the start of all this. Sure, there’s been a spike in cases since college started but that’s to be expected. Four of my TCC students have had it and they report that it was just like being regular sick. To me, that’s a good sign. It is weakening and we’re adapting, just as humans have done for thousands of years. So the MSM can try to push this narrative for a while longer, hoping to hold out for the election, or we can accept the fact that things are fine.

My kids are on week 3 of school and despite a few kids getting it and a couple teachers too, the schools have handled that well. Not everyone needs to go home because one kid got sick. My kids, I can already tell, are doing much better with the routine back. Elliot has cross country tryouts today and then city flag football starts at the end of this week. So, yay for normality. Of course, NFL came back too so that’s good. I skip all the preshow mumbo jumbo and watch the games and I can almost forget that they’ve been weaponized for social justice purposes. I am not against the ideas but I am against rich-ass sports stars telling me how I have to be a part of the change. 

Weather has been cruddy, what with the newest TS-almost hurricane coming this way. If it stay west then we’ll be ok. We’re only predicted to have 2-3 inches of rain between now and Friday so let’s hope that stays the course. We have had a couple of cooler mornings so far, which has prompted me to look for my Fall decor. I was up in storage rooting around for it earlier and despite the cooler morning, it was still too hot up there so perhaps another day. I do so love late summer; the way the evenings are colored as the sun sets. It’s a different type of warmth than other seasons and sometimes I don’t really know how to explain it. Maybe I am just ready for Fall but also have a problem letting go of the carefree nature of summer. My kids still want to swim and I still want to sit in the sun but there’s always an odd turning point when it just feels like those times have passed.




National Coloring Day song titles/lyrics about art in general 

I went through my extensive song collection and looked for colors and/or art ideas so here’s what I got:

Well, red’s a color

How about this: playing piano is making art, eh?

And this one has gold in it and I used to LOVE this emo band.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Things feel normal

  1. Interesting playlist,

    My boyfriend is teaching in a public school, they’re using a hybrid method of partially in class and part remote learning. and they’re taking bets on when they’ll be going back to all distance learning. Already three neighboring school districts have reverted to all remote classes because of outbreaks among staff or students.. It’s still a scary world out there.

  2. i HAVEN’T heard “The Lady in Red” in so long… thanks for that one. It’s really a good tune to dance too isn’t it? I like your one thought and never thought of it that way, but you know….. YOU’RE RIGHT!!!! 🙂 Piano in the dark don’t think I’ve ever heard that one before, and your last tune… nope, can’t say I ever heard that one before. Well, stay safe, and don’t forget to wear that mask. HUGS THIS FAR… IS A-OKAY!!!! 🙂 ROCK ON MY FRIEND AND STAY SAFE~! DON’T FORGET THAT MASK!

  3. I never saw the video for Lady in Red, and it was perfect for this theme. “Our” Cathy could have created some of those drawings. The other two songs were new to me. I love the angle of the sun in late September and early October; it gives a softness of light that says “fall”.

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