Random Tuesday – Last long day of conferences, cool weather coming, good weekend

Stacy Uncorked
  • Oh y’all, I have A LOT of 10 minute student Zoom conferences today. BUT they are the last ones. Then tomorrow I have a fairly easy teaching day because the library woman is guest speaking for me. Of course, then I have to meet with my Subject Matter Expert at another college to discuss how the dual-enrollment course is going. And it is going well but I have one major thing to tell her: this next paper has 3 options but the inherent problem is each one is built upon an assumption that America is a certain way (not going into detail.) But I don’t like it because it is not something I feel is quantifiable. It’s not like saying that American is the #1 exporter of steel of something. It is a lot more gray than that. So my problem with asking a bunch of middle-America kids to write about these choices is, well, a wee bit indoctrination.
  • It’s supposed to be rainy today then cold weather ensues! I love it but I am also wanting just ONE more pool weekend. I want one more day to lay in the yard and work on my tan before Summer fades for good. I like the change of season, I really do, but I also dread feeling cold so that is not something I am looking forward to! Although, I do enjoy a nice warm bath after being cold all day, or maybe a fire. I love my fireplace.
  • We had a very nice weekend in Pensacola. Got in about 6-ish their time (Central) and went to our hotel first. We normally stay with but my sister and her boyfriend are still there from their early September move. They’ve had little luck finding a place. Anyway, the hotel sustained some water damage during hurricane Sally so all rooms had massive dehumidifiers in them! But that’s ok because there was no water or weird smell. We then went to the house and had spaghetti and meatballs, drinks, good conversation/visiting time with everyone. A little chaotic with 9 people and a dog in a very small 1950s house but it was fun too.
  • On Saturday we got to their house about 9 and had breakfast. Ash and I hit the thrift stores and then came home to have lunch and watch some college ball. My sister got home from work about 2:30 and we went with her and Justin to a couple breweries. Usually it’s either me and Ash and my mom or all of us with the kids and we’re wrangling them. So this was a lot more fun. When we got back, we cooked up some chicken tacos and made guac. Justin is a cook so he really hooked us up with the good food.
  • On Sunday we got over there much earlier  because Ash wanted to run his 5 miler from there and not the hotel.  So we hung out a bit before football, drank beer, and made hamburgers. We had planned to leave after dinner but left about 6:30 their time; I wasn’t hungry but I was worried about getting home before rain hit.  It was a late evening getting home but the end of a very nice visit.
  • I was complaining a few weeks ago about not getting a job with a personal assistant company (got hired, they couldn’t find me a client, so they let me go) but I am looking at how busy I am now and I don’t think I would have had time anyway so in some ways, I think it was for the best!
  • OK, more student conferences. See y’all again… at some point!

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