As noted in my last post, I am still here – alive and kickin’ – and everything is fine. Well, it is what it is. As the virus times drag on, I get sicker of dealing with it. The main thing giving me trouble now, lowkey anyway, is school starting. Not because I’m worried about getting sick or anything, But because I’m worried that we’ll start and then they’ll cancel it. And things will be right back where they are now. Though I feel like we were better when the kids were doing schoolwork. It at least gave them some kind of goal where there was no choice. We have them doing yardwork but sometimes it’s hard to enforce. It’s summer and I want them to have fun but this is dragging on too long.

Not too much else to report; I am kind of at a loss today but that’s because our morning was busy then the AC guy came out. Now here we are. It’s about to rain and we were going to tread water so I’m hoping that passes and we can work out. But alas, there’s thunder.


I haven’t shared a song in a while so here’s 2: one is the newest Avatar release and the new album is coming out soon! The other is a Metallica song I used to hate but since I moved up to hard mode on Guitar Hero, I have been into this one. I can actually play it in hard so, yay!

3 thoughts on “MMMM +

  1. Welcome back; I missed your hard rock choices. I’m really grateful that my child is grown and there are no grandchildren (yet) but I feel a lot for the teachers and parents that are caught up in this situation – both my husband and I have cousins who are teachers (my cousin is a 7th grade teacher in Queens and his is a high school teacher in Florida). Your post made my husband (a big Metallica fan) very happy. I know one song (I think) by Avatar – Smells Like a Freak Show. In that song, and your song, I am so sure Ozzy sings in there somewhere!

  2. I’m hearing that the teachers’ unions are balking at the idea of returning in August or September. How’s that been up your way?

    Good picks on the music!

  3. I think we are all “sick” of this dang virus. It is scary to think kids going back to school with it so unstable.
    Anyway, your picks were new to me. I am not sure they are completely what I dig but did find them interesting.

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