You’ve been warned: politics + MMMM

I kind of feel bad that I just don’t write anymore. It’s indicative of my general malaise about all creative outlets, including music. I still listen to my ipod on runs and to sirius xm during grading, but not always. I just feel like I have an issue really enjoying music if I feel unsettled. If my life is generally good, I am always finding new stuff to like. I know this sounds crazy but it is the case.

Now I will say that things are just fine here. Sure, I am tired of this on-going plandemic and all the BS surrounding it. (Don’t get me started on the post office; they’ve been a failing business for a long time so if they need to be revamped, so be it.) There’s just a lot of crap surrounding all this that can drive a person crazy. Like, think about when numbers dwindle to a minuscule level and we all feel a lot safer. You know someone out there will still be wearing a mask and being all Karen on people who don’t. Because really, when will it end, you know? Someone is always afraid. But the key is that in the past, we didn’t all have to amend our lives because of their fear.

I want the election to be here already because one way or the other, it’s going to shake things up. Either we get four more Trump years and far lefties commit mass suicide (I kid) or Hidin’ Biden will somehow pull out a win so that his not-actually-black woman VP can take over and show young girls that you too can sleep your way to the top! Honestly, can’t this party do any better? Don’t they have someone… anyone who isn’t either a cheater or a dementia patient? I know I am being harsh but if you put aside party loyalties for one second and use logic, these are not good picks. Firstly, don’t pick someone on the basis of gender or color. Because those don’t make you qualified for the job. And besides, half these people don’t even believe in gender so why even bother championing a woman, right? It’s contradictions left and right with these people. On paper, Harris is more centrist with a right leaning when it comes to crime. So wtf are you expecting here?

OK, sorry. I had to get that out there. Now, politics aside, my home life is still well and good. I am definitely ready for the kids to go back on the 31st. I do believe it is the right choice but of course, like all parents who care, I hope they stay safe. I feel like their chances of getting it are low and even if they do, their chances of surviving are very high, much like 96% of the population at large. I actually sort of count on a percentage of kids not being there so that’ll be nice anyway. My kids are definitely ready to be back to school, even if it does have to be with all the restrictions. My middle schooler is changing to block scheduling so they change classes less often. Sounds like a good idea, really. My high school did that and it just rotated all the time. I hear they want to have cross country still and tryouts have been pushed to 9/11. We’ll see. I am really hoping, since he has been running for a few months now in preparation.

Work is good for me but I do look forward to a time when people are not here. Ash might be going back into the office by maybe October if things keep trending in the right direction. I know I will personally be more productive when I am alone.


OK, songs about family or siblings. Tough one. I thought about this song by Hellyeah but it’s probably just not appropriate. Let’s do…

5 thoughts on “You’ve been warned: politics + MMMM

  1. Ooooo “Mama I’m coming Home”, by Ozzy Osbourne I haven’t heard that one in a long time & Kansas in Carry on Wayward son two awesome, awesome songs my friend. Finally tunes I’ve heard before and even like. You’re duh best to say the least! Thanks so much for playing along with us today. Hope you & yours are staying healthy, happy and stay safe! God speed…. until next time…

  2. The whole plandemic numbers game is so screwed up that I’m not even sure I believe the numbers, but I will say that it would appear that if you get the disease you have roughly a 1 in 2000 chance of dying. Which means you have 1999 chances in 2000 of living. The “number of cases” is meaningless: it’s going to go up as the amount of testing goes up. For the people who say “follow the science!” I say math is a science, in fact the basis for practically all science.

    Good songs today!

    1. Agreed; we focus on the cases as if that really makes a difference. People get sick! I do believe it is hurting people but I also think the earlier strain was worse. It seems to be weakening even as more people get it. A friend of mine has 13 people in her office get it and only 2 had serious issues, but even then it was just 2-3 days of high fever. (Much like the flu!)

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