Yes, I do still exist

There’s a couple blogs I read that have dropped off recently and I sometimes wonder if they got sick or lost their job or something awful like that. But then I think about myself, who’s not doing bad at all, but yet, can’t seem to find time to write. Sad, really.

On the subject of writing, I had an idea for another romance novel. I am always trying to find the niche market. I once started a series based on yoga but abandoned it. I research to see if anyone has utilized the angle I’m thinking of. So in the case of my idea, my heroine will be in a rock band. Nothing hugely famous; some glam revival type like Diemonds or something. (Look them up; Priya is a great singer). Usually the female in these books isn’t anything major; sometimes even unassuming or a woman on the run. Then the hero is a sport star or billionaire. So in my idea, she’s a rock star and he’s a mid-card wrestler. I think I would be a really awesome way to meld things together, especially since I consider myself deep in the streets of both those things.

Also in terms of writing, I have been thinking about trying to publish on I want to write an entire book about my conversion from Dem to Republican (ok, there’s a lot to unpack there that I keep thinking needs a caveat but needless to say (a phrase I HATE btw) I am very liberal on civil rights but fiscally responsible.) What I want to do is talk about how that aligned with how I was pushed off a college campus; what it was like to be the only Conservative within a 3 mile radius at a research one university. You and I  both know I’m probably never writing that book, but I can start with articles and Medium allows for it. I’m excited to start but need to buckle down.

I’ve gotten a little busier now since the school for which I teach in their prison system offered me a deal where 2 of my 3 sections would be high school dual enrollment kids instead of prisoners.  I’m super excited about this because it’s a longer semester and I have a proctor I’ll work with who will be in the classroom with the kids. She’ll be my proxy. I do have to tweak the weekly plans though so that’ll be extra work.

As far as we’re doing in “the virus times” as I call them, we’re good. My husband had a rough couple weeks where he was feeling the blues about everything – similar to how I felt in the beginning – but we’re doing better now. It can be such a drag, thinking about all this. And the further in we get, the more I’m convinced that some very bad people are using a real health… issue… as a means to an end. I hate that it is becoming obvious because that scares me for the future. I hope and pray things will all be ok. I certainly don’t think Biden is the right choice this November but I also hope that if he does win, the far left will calm the hell down and shut up about some of this stuff that’s going on. These major city riots all in the name of a fake cause are awful. The way society has become, well, it ain’t good. I can tell you that. We’ve forgotten American values and what we stand for. I do think we can change and it took this bumpy four years to get there. Sigh.

In other news, we are having a minor AC issue and though they temp fixed it Thursday, it broke again last night. We all had to sleep downstairs. No biggie; minor inconvenience.

My parents are finally coming to visit. It took a while for them to make that choice but we haven’t seen them since March 7th. We looked at all the factors and decided it’s ok. I mean, we’re all healthy. The house is large and we can distance. I think of all the people I know who have grandparents living here and they see them all the time. And these are folks WITH health issues. My parents’ only underlying issues are eye related. Nothing major or a comorbidity for this virus. Wish us luck; it’ll be fun yet underlying tense as I hope we don’t pass anything to them. We have been taking our vitamins!

I’ve been selling old video games on ebay. It’s literally a business I’ve opened because Ash has so many. We have ways to play them all so the physical game is uselessly taking up space. The whole thing is on-going and does give me something to focus on. The money will go to new gutters. We’ve been wanting to put them in for over 2 years now.

In two weeks, we’ll have a couple trees taken out, which will make the house safer and give more morning light on the pool. I’m excited but worried, since that’s such a huge job with the crane and all.

The kids’ school has been pushed back to August 24th. I checked the “yes we’ll be there in person” box and I think it’s the right choice. Though I really only have so much of a choice, as the teacher unions are lobbying to do even less than normal. It’s all very silly. This virus poses such a minor threat to kids and at the same time, all those same teachers should have good immunity since they are always around snot-nosed kids. So this argument is not rooted in logic and science but virtue signalling and laziness. I literally woke up to a headline today where some Florida doctor accused our governor of being part of a “far right death cult.” I haven’t had a good laugh in a while so thank you, whoever you are doctor, for saying THE funniest thing I have ever heard. Honestly, I think people are getting stupider by the second.

Anyway, the AC dude should be here any second and I need to go downstairs. I hope all of you who still read this blog are doing well. Live your lives; appreciate your families. Turn off the news cycle and be happy. This is the solution to our issues.

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