MMMM + I feel productive yet, still down

I just can’t seem to shake these January blues. I’ve been having good times; I should not complain.

Friday was some kind of crazy; just little things sucked here and there like my car battery being dead and Ash needing to come home from work to give me a jump… in the rain. But then we had lunch together. I went to class and it was great but then my shoe fell apart. Like, the rubber sole just came apart from the rest of the shoe. I got home and Ash and I began brewing and then the sink somehow overflowed, even though there was plenty of room. So it was an odd day, to say the least. But not necessarily “bad.”

Saturday, we woke and got ready for soccer games. I took Elliot (it was also very cold) and his team was not playing well at all – they lost 5-2. But that’s ok. You can’t win them all. We then went back across town to watch the other kids’ games. Koda scored two goals and Isaac, one. Both their teams won handily. So that’s nice. We then had lunch and some naps and then some errands before dinner. Did a bit of raking; I’m getting there, slowly but surely. It’s a big yard! We mostly just watched shows all night; one about a guy who had a goal to collect all the original Nintendo cartridges in one month and then a stand-up special. I can never remember the chick’s name but she’s pretty funny.

On Sunday, I woke up and went for a 3 mile run. I feel like I need that positive gain in my life, even if it means my back sometimes hurt and my heel for sure hurts. I started laundry and went to the store before making tacos and guac. I do make a mean guacamole. In the afternoon, we had to work the Girl Scout cookie booth. Ash and I each did an hour, which was way better than last year, both of us out there for 3 hours together. No thanks. But we did very well. Doing it in front of Petco while an adoption event was going on was definitely a good choice.

In the evening, we watched a little of the Pro Bowl and  then the Royal Rumble, because even when I am not actively watching wrestling, I still want to know what happens during big PPVs. And they did surprise me with the winner, so that is really all I wanted.

This morning, I am applying for part time tutoring gigs, hoping to hear back about VA jobs, and then plotting how I can best save money. I hate feeling unstable but I know and believe that this is only temporary and eventually, I will have something more solid going forward. Just have to get there.


Freebie week! I wish I could say I have found any new music but not really. I mean,  I guess the newest stuff I have been liking has been Ozzy’s new releases. I am very sad about his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis but hope he can work through it. Especially since I’ve got tickets for May!

6 thoughts on “MMMM + I feel productive yet, still down

  1. Yes, I also heard about Ozzie. His wife is really taking it hard too. I didn’t know they were even back together. I’m glad they are though. Whoa, your Friday I totally agree with John that was one for the books for sure. Tear that page out of your calendar, diary whatever and throw that sucker away… hahaha! I hope your days ahead are so much better. Have a great week.

  2. A lot of “small bad stuff” can really drag you down – I hope this week is better for you. I also heard about Ozzie, and I’ve listened to these songs multiple times on Octane. Both are good, but “Ordinary Man” especially, makes me wonder if it is a “goodbye” song. Him teaming with Elton John was amazing.

    1. It does seem a lot like a goodbye song. If he goes downhill fast, at least he knows he made this one last album. I’m going to cry when he goes, that’s for sure.

  3. Hi, I hope you have sunnier days ahead . It’s sad to hear about Ozzy’s diagnosis . I don’t know what’s worse, having diseases like Parkinson’s MS,and ALS; or having Alzheimer’s like my dad had. Love the first song, but it seems rather bittersweet . Take care.

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