What a day (off) – Written last Thursday, Friday, and Today

It’s never really a day off because I mean, what even IS a day “off?” So let’s see, yesterday I got up and made the coffee then remembered it’s Donuts for Dads day. I prepped Ash for it a week ago because the last time, we ignored the whole thing and the youngers were sad. So I texted him and he made it back in time to grab them and take them to school. I cleaned the microwave because the stupid door is back to being inoperable. Hopefully Ash can get it back on and working. How annoying. Then I got dressed and ran two miles. After that, I showered and graded some papers before going to get a pedi.

I sort of did that out of a sense of obligation, honestly. I still have gift cards leftover and needed to use them. Admittedly, I like getting my toes done and it had been a while but I couldn’t have justified the money. But since I saved money there, I splurged on lunch. Went to Burger-Fi, which basically rendered me useless. LOL. After a quick grocery trip, I essentially sat in my chair for a bit. I’m grading papers now though so there’s that. I am always productive on non-teaching days, just not AT and OFFICE.

That said, I hear my old place of business is hurting. They did actually need to hire adjuncts but were too stubborn to do so. There’s people teaching a third section (which isn’t really legal) and there were supposedly a whole bunch of students not getting into 2135 courses because they hadn’t created enough sections. Oh well.  You put this work in the hands of bad employees and shit happens.

Oh, but so after my nap, I had an email about an 8 week session class opening up and it looks like I’ll be able to pick that up. So yay, money.


Friday – can’t seem to get going on work. Thinking a shower first may be in order. Sometimes I delve into grading them mid-morning, take my shower. But today feels different. I am planning to get the last of my grading done and then meet my husband for lunch before going to teach. Hoping that our mill comes so we can brew today. We got our new electric system going and tested but we need the mill for the small amount of specialty grains this recipe calls for.

We got to talking about all our on-going projects late last night and now I want to get started. We picked up 3 electric scooters at Goodwill for CHEAP last week so now we’re troubleshooting the various reasons they don’t work. It’s probably batteries but we’ll see once the charger arrives.

Ash turns 40 this year and his dad turns 70 so we’re planning some kind of big party. But not the same as mine was; maybe 50 people or less. Their days fall during summer months so in some ways, it’s easier because we can plan a pool event. We do these throughout the summer anyway so it’s not hard. But it got me thinking about yard work. Last winter, I ignored leaves for a long time and then in March, had A LOT to clean up. This year I have already begun raking and bagging piles so maybe by Spring, I won’t be overwhelmed with the work. Last year I was the one taking on most of it because Ash was doing the lights over the pool project. Maybe I will have a little more help now. But he’s thinking about another gaming project: some kind of Golden Tee pedestal to work with the projector.

This pool is back to annoying me too. The guys finally found the holes back on 12/18 and then we had no leaks until last Saturday when it was woefully low. But I mean, why would it take nearly a month to lose that much? I mean, why would it be fine for a while then suddenly lose inches? Weather? Another hole? Patched hole came undone? Ugh! So irritating!


Tuesday – That three day weekend was crazy! We ended up brewing Friday, which turned out well, I think. We have bubbly action so it is fermenting!  Saturday was soccer all morning, then a kind of restful afternoon. I cleaned and went to the store before a nap. Then at 7 I took my kids to my friend’s house where her oldest was watching them and some of our other friend’s kids so we could all go to my friend’s 40th birthday party. It was a lot of fun! I didn’t feel too drunk but I was definitely in recovery mode all Sunday. Lots of water and rest along with my laundry and football. On Monday we did a bit more cleaning because my mom came into town for something school/work related. We met her and her long-time friend for lunch. They were going to come back here for a while but only my mom did. Ash and I met up with a friend of his to sell him some brewing equipment then we had some drinks and watched a movie. Oh yeah, we had a fire going in the fireplace all afternoon/evening too because it is COLD! Today’s low was 25 and for Florida, that’s just a but much for us. All in all, a great three day weekend.

I have a semi-sick kid (low grade fever, snot) so I barely got any work done today but it is what it is. Things are about to get crazy busy for me here soon so I had better enjoy the free time I have now!

3 thoughts on “What a day (off) – Written last Thursday, Friday, and Today

    1. Donuts for dads is essentially the way the school gets dads to take their kids in the morning – they lure them with donuts. It’s kind of nice. They do muffins for moms sometimes too.

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