Wednesday Medley – Blogging makes me feel normal again

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Do you soak in the tub? Shower before bed? Or are you a morning person?

Have a favorite bath bomb or shower gel? Favorite scent? Loofah, brush or Salux washcloth to exfoliate?

Ever been scrubbed into submission at a Turkish bath or visited the tranquility of an onsen?

I do enjoy a good bath. When I cannot seem to get warm, I take one. When I really want to read but can’t focus, I take one.

I shower in the morning; there’s no way I could get up and go without it, unless it’s the weekend when I do work out first. And yes, I am definitely a morning person.

I don’t know if I have a favorite gel or bomb but I like a lot of Lush’s bath things. For shower gel I usually like oatmeal type ones. I use a poofy thing.

Definitely never been to a Turkish bath!

Do you golf? Miniature golf? Plan on wearing argyle?

I have done mini golf but never real golf. It seems to me a sport I could pick up later in life. Argyle wouldn’t be all bad!

Stamp collecting is a popular hobby. Do you collect things?

I used to collect funky pens when I was a kid. Then I got into comic books and cards. Then toys of all sorts like wrestling action figures. Now I’d say I collect Funko Pop figures and t-shirts!

RE: Aliens. Are you a believer or a skeptic?

To be honest, who am I to say there’s NO other life out there, given how vast the universe is? We just don’t know.

How far have you gone out of your way for a favorite food?

I wouldn’t say super far but I will say that we make plans around it? So there used to be a restaurant named El Chico here but the owners failed to pay taxes so it went under. There is one in Melbourne so in 2017 on our way back from Palm beach, we went the long way so we could stop in. And in 2012 when we drove to Chicago, instead of going straight to Nashville, the true halfway point, we went to Knoxville and stayed in a hotel right next to their El Chico.

Ever worship at The 24 Hour Church Of Elvis? Read the scripture according to spokesmodel Monica The Shoplifter? Insert 25¢ into an art vending machine created by Stephanie G Pierce, Artist To The Stars?

Ha, no!

Can you think of an intergenerational rock band?

Actually, no I cannot!

Please share something interesting about your week.

So, it’s been weird. Monday the kids were still off school and so we did a bit of shopping then eating then went to the playground. The boys played with the neighbor friends and I napped. Yesterday they went back to school and I got ready for class. Sadly (if you were around for yesterday’s post) I am down a couple sections overall so I am plotting my next career move. i.e. applying to part-time tutoring jobs and for this virtual assistant thing a friend of mine does. Now, TCC has these 2 full time positions coming available that I am also applying for but those are for the fall term and onward. I need to make it for now. I knew this career shift in August would be different/difficult but I think I will eventually end up where I am meant to be.

You kind of have to believe that stuff or you’d go crazy, right? I hate worrying about stuff like that but know all too well that nothing in life can be stable forever. There’s ups and downs; peaks and valleys. And you struggle then you coast.


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