Random Tuesday – Time to get back to the norm

Stacy Uncorked

Lordy, January is weird, sin’t it? I don’t feel AS depressed as normal but maybe it had to do with having to be “on” for my boys while the other 2 members of my family were traveling. Maybe the good cleaning we did in the house helped me; maybe the ok weather did it. Saturday was beautiful out. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s a bit cool today though. I’m in my room trying to wrap my brain around this semester. I have to plan my course for my face to face sections and get ready to teach my online ones. Sadly, the professional development class I want to take to up my campus pay was scheduled for – of all days – Thursdays. Which means I have to go to campus 8 out of the 15 weeks this semester on our busiest night. The same night we have girl scouts, the same night we usually have a practice or three. The same night we have brew club. Couldn’t it have been Tuesday? Tuesday would have been perfect! I guess in general I believe that the world has a way of making you think it was harder and then in the end, that’s the payoff. It isn’t enough that I have to sacrifice a couple hours in my evenings when I normally spend time with family. No, it has to be overtake other obligations the family has. But in the end, it should be worth it. If/when I finish the course and then one other online portion, pay goes up 300 bucks per credit hour I teach. It’s a big deal.

Anyway, kids went back to school today and that’s pretty awesome. I am easing back into the routine and just sort of cobbling together my jobs. One began already and TCC is tomorrow, then Ashland in February. I am also applying to online tutoring jobs. I am also applying for TCC full time jobs that are being advertised because I don’t think this adjuncting is going to cut it. So everything is a little overwhelming right now and I am just trying to get my footing and make a plan of action.

Sorry to bore you with my job stuff; it’s a lot to think about and I don’t want to do anything too risky and let down my family.

So today I am working on my syllabus and then I have a chiropractor appointment. I have needed to go for a while now but kept putting it off. Also, creating a syllabus always takes so much more time than you think it will.

OK back from that and trying to motivate myself.  It’s sunny out and I am cold so all I really want to do is go and sit in said sun. I think I might be missing my daily vitamin D and that’s attributing itself to my overall blahness.

In fact, I think that is what I will do. Then come inside and buckle down to finish at least the first portion of my classes’ sites and then I will feel accomplished.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Time to get back to the norm

  1. That pay increase will definitely make the inconvenience worth it – look at it this way, 8 out of 15 is only slighter more than have (only a half of one, really), so just make sure you make the most of the 7 you’re 100% there for, right? 😉

    Good luck cobbling everything together – you’ve got this! Hope you got to soak up some warm vitamin D! 🙂

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