MMMM + Still not used to blogging at home

I know that sounds weird to most of you but you have to understand that for many many years, I would get to work at about 7:50 or so, sit down at my office computer in my little alcove where my office neighbors didn’t show up until much later in the morning, and I blogged. And everyone left me alone. And now, I get up like normal and shower but I get the kids ready for school and stand with them at the bus. Then I come upstairs and keep an ear out for my middle schooler to be done and ready to leave and then I get to work on my various online classes. So this is just so different than what I knew. And yes, I am adapting. I like my little office space here in the bedroom and I have started to make it my own: I framed the vintage Judas Priest shirt I bought from the singer of Behemoth, as well as the postcard he signed and sent with it. I got some card display frames for my Avatar signed cards and I plan to mount them on the wall, as well as hang the VIP lanyard Isaac got handed at the Ghost concert. Because that music stuff is important to me.

Yes, it is all nicely coming together. Ahem, anyway, let’s do weekend recap. If you were around last week you know my husband had been out of town the entire time; ugh! Thank God he got home around 3 pm Friday so when I got home from work, he was here. We went out to El Jalisco and he regaled us with stories of the Sierra Nevada brewery tour and the Biltmore estate. Very cool.

Saturday was busy, of course. I did some quick laundry and then took the boys to flag practice. Soon as that was done, Ash took Koda to a birthday party and I prepped for Elliot’s. We sort of floated his 11th birthday so this year he got to invite about 10 kids to swim. All in all, it was pretty cheap though. He just wanted wings, chips, and an ice cream bar – which went over VERY well. Also, cheaper than any cake! His friends came around 3 and the last ones left by 7. I wish we’d made better decisions but we chose to go bowling with our other friends after and it was no good. Elliot was tired, Isaac was in the WORST mood ever, and it just ended poorly. Ah well, you live and you learn.

Thankfully, we all slept in Sunday (a little – I NEVER wake up past 8 but it was 8:15!) Got up and cleaned and did laundry and grocery shopping. We made a huge steak lunch then sat our butts on the couch for football. I managed to rally later and get the kids outside to swim. On Saturday during Elliot’s party, odd as a time as it was for her to do so, Dakota finally swam on her own! So now she wants to swim all the time, of course. She got about 30 mins in and then Elliot and I went to Target, at his request. Truthfully, I’d been looking for an excuse to get out and get some iced coffee, which I was just randomly jonesing for. He got a bunch of birthday money and couldn’t find a single thing to buy! And maybe that’s good that he’s not all that materialistic.

Anyway, that evening, Ash and I transferred our pale ale to a different keg – somehow the one we had it in would not pump – and then tried it. Good stuff! That’s two in a row. Our Dos Equis amber clone turned out very well and we killed the keg on Saturday. Always feels like a success when it tastes good and people drink it until it’s gone.

Anyway, today I have some student conferences then I need to go to my face to face class. Not even sure what I’m doing in that class today! Probably something about summary and analysis. SO, let’s move onto the music task.


OK SO, Farm Aid performers. I scoured the wiki page and picked out a few:

Vince Gill performed in 1987. I picked him because I remember my mom listening to this song in particular when I was a kid.

The Doobie Brothers performed in 2001, surprisingly.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Still not used to blogging at home

  1. Sounds like Elliott’s a good kid who’s happy just to hang out with friends or family. Sorry the bowling excursion didn’t go as planned.

    You picked a couple of good artists to feature!

  2. I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned I never retired. Being a paralegal yes I worked at home and studied at home this way I wasn’t so rushed at work either, but running to court every day was no picnic. I have my own little private office when I was working. I had a house they called “mother-in-law” living where it was like a lil’ apartment upstairs so I took the bedrm, bathrm, and kitchen upstairs. I turned the kitchen into a study for me. It was sooooooo perfect! When all the kids moved out we put the house up for sale and moved a town over in a better neighborhood too (which is where we still live now). My study now use to be a bedroom so now that’s it’s just the hubby & I he’s in here too right behind me. I have the north wall and he has the east wall. So there ya go… yep I kinda think our lives our similar… only thing is my babies are grown and making babies & even a couple of those babies are making babies. I have 3 great grandchildren. SHEESH Yep, lovin your choices for artists in this week’s freature. hugs and have a great week!

  3. Claire,

    That’s good mews that you’re adjusting to your new work environment. I’d say it’s a lot nicer being able to be at home instead of at a traditional job. Your weekends are always so packed. I’ve always been a mewsic fan of the Doobie Brothers. I love their oldies! Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, darlin’. Have a boogietastic week! 😉

  4. I always (always) blog from home. (For one thing, this is a big no no at my job; we also have a lot of sites blocked for very good security reasons.) As always, just reading about your life exhausts me, but I’m hoping that very little about your job means it’s working out for you.

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