Thursday 13 – Observations about working from home

SO, I only stay home all day twice a week, but I don’t leave until 10:45 the other three days. I began about three weeks ago so here are some little notes about the general thing.


  1. I am definitely most productive in the morning. Which I always have been but most days in the afternoon, I CAN get work done but I do not do as much.
  2. I love being able to multitask home jobs and work. I read an article that said not to do that when you work from home but I think the key is to balance. If I have a lot of work work, I will only focus on that. If it is less pressing, I will weave in other things.
  3. I enjoy being able to sit outside for a minute or have a beer with lunch. Though this plays into my #4:
  4. I sometimes get super sleepy right after lunch and need a nap.
  5. Sometimes I take a 20 minute nap and can get right back up but sometimes that 20 minutes turns into an hour.
  6. I can’t find the right spot for the upstairs thermostat. I don’t want to run air if I don’t have to but if it’s particularly warm, I’ll drop it a few degrees but not to our normal home temp.
  7. I enjoy listening to music and it isn’t like in my old office where it could bother someone else. This is really good for my overall mental health; music makes me happy.
  8. I am way more caught up on little things I always have on my mental to-do list. For example, I ordered mosquito control from the county.
  9. I think before, I may have thought that being home would mean I’d get less overwhelmed. Apparently this is not true. Which is realistic. The workload remains the same; just a different scenery.
  10. There’s a lot less stress, however, not having to work with 8 other people in an office. The only people I technically have to answer to is admin for each school but even then, so long as you do what you’re supposed to, they’re hands off.
  11. It’s only been three weeks but I can tell that I won’t have any issues “being social.” My husband was worried that my affinity for being alone and the new work routine would mean I wouldn’t see friends but I’ve already had lunch with a former co-worker, and we went out to the girls volleyball games with friends.  I don’t avoid being social but I don’t mind being alone either.
  12. I agree with all the articles that say to get dressed even though you work at home. Mornings are no trouble for me because I like getting up early, showering, and getting dressed. It’s mid-afternoon where I want to throw on PJs and relax but then when I need to rally, I am less motivated.
  13. I am generally happier with the new set-up. Though my old job’s HR department has contacted me to give additional statements about my boss, I realize through that that I have really put it behind me and I so much calmer and happier.

One thought on “Thursday 13 – Observations about working from home

  1. Glad to hear working at home works for you. It takes a self-discipline that not everyone wants to do, I’ve come to understand. I worked at home for over 30 years as a freelance writer. I was my best boss and employee, even though I worked very long hours.

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