Update from the trenches – slowly sinking

I don’t know if it’s just hormones or full moon hangover or what but I am more tired and more hungry than usual. And where I normally wake up ready to go, the last two days I have been dragging. Luckily, I convinced myself to shower right away today. Yesterday I was lazy and didn’t and it really affected my productivity. Yes, I got my work done but it felt like I was just a LITTLE behind all day. I also blame eating a large lunch, but I appreciate when my husband invites me out to eat so I went.

I think what I need to get better at is making a list of what needs to get done each week. I started off doing that really well but I also find that if I let it slip just a little, I won’t get back to it. I even got myself a really cool planner and yet,  I am not utilizing it. Perhaps during my office hours I will feel motivated. Monday, I was so tired I just took a nap in there!

I wanted to have a wee bit of time to sit outside in the mornings, since the temps are cooler now. At least, early on. But yesterday when I did it – when I moved my laptop and mouse and the charger all out to the Adirondack chair – my son called to say he left his Science binder. The science part wasn’t as important as the case with ALL his pens and pencils. So I spent about 20 minutes dropping that off and then I had to begin working. So point being, I need balance in my life and when I don’t get it, I feel like I am drowning. And not like, Titanic slowly sinking into the sea drowning. No, like all-out fighting to stay alive drowning; flailing with arms splashing drowning.

I do use my Google calendar quite a bit but I need to find a way to be more involved in a big picture of my days, weeks, months. If it’s on my phone, yes, I can access it, but really seeing it is not the same. Maybe I need a big ol’ desk calendar and I can put it on the wall, tacky as that is.

Meanwhile, the kids’ activities and various homework things are also stressing me out. Dakota seems like she is doing alright but struggles with sight words. Isaac likewise has a B in English but I never see bad grades come home so I don’t know where to help out. Elliot has to do 5 volunteer hours before the 9 weeks is up, in two weeks, so he is scrambling now. He has four, with Teen Court (which is the next two Tuesdays) but what shall we do for the 5th? I don’t know!

On the kid front too, the boys start flag games this weekend, which I absolutely love but they are also exhausting! We will be at the field from 8 until 11:45 this Saturday. Wanna find me? Hit up Meridian. I’ll be living there temporarily. LOL.

There’s a lot more going on with me, honestly, but I have so so much to do RIGHT NOW that I have to stop this post and move on with it, if I want to get anything at all done!




2 thoughts on “Update from the trenches – slowly sinking

  1. I think there’s something in the air… I don’t know what, but I’ve been dragging this week too, and just craving down time and quiet. Instead, I’m getting invited/feeling obligated to do a million things, and while I just want to sink into a hole, I keep feeling pressured to show up and be present for family & friends. Ugh.
    I think it’s September. I’m realizing this really isn’t my favourite month. I don’t like to wish time away, but bring on October, man.

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