Week recap – two concerts and I am tired

Hey everyone, I am sure not a one of you checked in to my blog this week and that’s partially on me; I didn’t actually link up with any blog hops or anything. In fact, I didn’t even write. It’s been a LONG BUSY week!

So, to recap, Monday was the Labor day observed holiday and we really didn’t do much of anything at all. Our weekend was relaxing to say the least. I mean, I sat around. Like, I laid on the couch. This is unlike me; I’m usually scrounging around for tasks to do. But after my first full week of teaching, I was just exhausted. Saturday at 4 we did go to a friend’s pool party and we had a good time there. Sunday was restful, some running and laundry. I can’t even remember what all we did.

Monday, later in the afternoon, I took the kids to the mall to do the VR thing and Ash filled up our gas cans. The hurricane didn’t look like it was going to come across the state but we figured we’d be ready. Obviously it took a hard turn north and spared the majority of the state anyway.

Tuesday was an odd day because it began like all others: take kids to the bus stop, start on some work, but then around 9:30 I left for Atlanta. Well, Covington to be exact. Months ago, when I saw that both Behemoth and Volbeat were doing dates with Slipknot, I asked my old middle school friend if they were going because a.) I know she and her husband are huge fans and b.) they live in the Atlanta area. They procured me a ticket and the day finally arrived. It was about four hours fifteen minutes until I got there and I remember how much it sucks getting from here to the city. Half the drive is rural Georgia roads with garbage speed limits. Anyway, she and I caught up for a bit then we took their son to be dropped off at a babysitter, then we made the roughly one hour drive to Alpharetta. We were basically JUST in time to see Behemoth start at 5:30. Atlanta traffic IS the worst.

It’s weird seeing a particularly dark band in the daylight but Behemoth rocked it. We were kind of in the upper bowl but it’s an amphitheater so all seats were decent. After them, we took a beer/taco break during Gojira because none of us are huge fans. When we got back, people were in our seats! Turned out we have found the wrong row T; we had “orchestra” T which was the next level down and much closer!  We were just in time to see my favorite band, Volbeat, go on. And they were a-mazing live! I mean, dreams can come true, you guys. But more on THAT after my Thursday tale. So yes, Volbeat rocked and I was in heaven. After them, Slipknot and man, how have I avoided them in the 20 year span they’ve been a band? I don’t know! But the energy for their set was through the roof and I was never so tired as when we were done headbanging to their music. In fact, once we got out of the parking lot – and once I downed a ginormous water bottle – I passed the heck out.

We didn’t get back to their place until 1 am and I was just done. And I knew there was no way I’d make my 11:15 class as planned so I emailed them to do an online assignment. In truth, I got back to my house around 11:45, but it was much needed. I was able to take a 30 minute nap, a shower, then eat and do a bit of work before going to my 2:30 and 3:35 classes. I finally saw my family again that evening and it appears they missed me quite a bit! Mom is always around, you know.

Thursday began the same way only I had a little more morning time. So I did a bunch of job work and also, multi-tasked with some house chores. I felt super productive. Around 1, I picked my oldest son up from school (after all, it was his turn for a concert) and we drove to Pensacola. What a much better drive! Straight, not too crowded, almost 80 the whole way. Got in and had a beer with my dad then soon after, my mom got home from work. Around 5 we headed downtown to eat some sushi at a place called Nom. SO good! I had a roll whose description was: “crisp steelhead skin, gobo, cucumber, avocado, topped with anago, tobiko, sweet soy reduction”. Holy crap you guys, amazing food. We also had the pork belly buns. So yum. My mom parked her car in a garage close to the venue and we walked to Vinyl; she then left us and waited for my dad to pick her up. This way, the car was there whenever Elliot and I finished.

Doors were at 7 and we went in, thankful for the A/C because Pensacola was HOT. We soon met up with a girl I know from a Facebook Avatar fan page. She and I procured front row, er, seats? Nope, standing room only in this venue that has a max capacity of 525. That’s right, up close and personal. We stood in the merch line and talked to a bunch of other fans. Two bands played first, one called 68 and one called Like Machines. Both were quite good. Finally Avatar came on and WOW. I mean, I’ve wanted to see them live ever since I discovered them sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2018 but they were better than expected!

Being in some fan groups, I know how easy it is to meet them too so I took my little cards (they send you what looks like a baseball card for each member when you order merch – I had Johannes and Jonas) and we went out to the side door/tour bus area and waited, oh, about 30 mins. Luckily, the rumors were true. Henrik, the bass player, came out first. I had him sign my battle jacket but didn’t ask for a pic or anything because I was nervous. John, the drummer, came out next and he was so damned nice, it was easy to ask. Everyone was getting pics so both Ell and I got one with, well, everyone after that. Tim, then Jonas, then finally their lead singer Johannes came out. We had a nice little chat about the reality of pro wrestling and he tried to scare my child. Good times!20190905_22025620190905_22042520190905_22182820190905_23065820190905_23174920190906_00124920190906_00280720190906_00282320190906_00363220190906_00370320190906_00384220190906_00392220190906_00441020190906_004500

I got Tim and John to sign my jacket too so it is now officially the coolest battle vest in all the land. As stated before, dreams really do come true and last night was one awesome experience. I was happy to be back home though. Ell and I left a little before 6:30, made good time, and I was able to get him back to school to finish up first period. I then changed and grab something to eat before going to my morning class. I leave again in a bit for my last two then I have to come home and do laundry because, in a turn of events, my husband ended up having to go to a conference. They thought it was going to be canceled because of the storm but apparently not. Which is odd because it is in North Carolina. But apparently not near the coast.

Anyway, thanks for reading my really long recap and I’ll see y’all Monday!

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