MMMM + recovering from last week still

On Friday, I recapped the concerts  I went to last week. In total, I saw four bands. Since it is music related, I am linking you to it.

It’s been hard for me to balance my time after having gotten home Friday morning. Had to take Elliot to school and then go to work. I was super tired that evening and I fell asleep on the couch during a movie around 7 and then again around 10. Got into bed around 11:30. Solo parenting this week so the weekend included, well, not much. I tried to do good things for the kids but balanced with a good bit of resting. I just really needed to. Sunday though, I got more done. I just feel out of sorts when my husband is gone for conferences.

In some ways, it’s freeing because I am the one in charge of things but at the same time, that can be incredibly draining. I appreciate that if I want some feedback or an opinion on something, he will give it to me. Sucks when I have to do it alone.

I also know that this week, I have a lot of work and organizing to do for my various jobs. I’ve been taking on the mantra of ‘one day at a time’, and then I had the bright idea to look on etsy to see if they had any art that reflects this. I quickly learned that this is generally associated with AA and people who are trying to stay sober. Very interesting! Either way, one day at a time for me. Sure, I do plan ahead. But for most tasks I need to tackle, I focus on the here and now to get through them.



Freebie week! I have not been listening to much variety lately. The Yacht rock radio station is gone for the summer and it’s back to being just love songs. I guess I can share another new Volbeat song.The funny thing about this band is how many people come to them really hating Michael Poulson’s voice. But it grew on me in no time at all. This video is funny because they have a bunch of kids in it.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + recovering from last week still

  1. Claire,

    I think we all need to have the mantra of taking it one day at a time no matter what we’re doing. This helps to keep one grounded on his/her goals. I always enjoy your Volbeat song picks. The lead singer has a good voice. Of course, this isn’t the kind of mewsic I can listen to all the time but it’s nice to listen to on occasion like today it worked great. Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

  2. I agree with Cathy on us all needing to have the mantra of taking it one day at a time. Helps keep the stress (mostly) at bay. My hubby is polar opposite of yours – I get way more done when he’s gone than when he’s here…and he’s not gone much…LOL!!

    I love that the video had kids dressed up as the adults – that was fun to watch! 🙂

  3. I like metal but can only take a little at a time. Like the song you shared here. My hat’s off to you for the concerts and even getting your pic with the band members.

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