Random Tuesday – Ecstatic, new things, I can do this

Stacy Uncorked


  • Y’all, my new schedule is AWESOME! I got up, saw the kids off to school, took a run, then have roughly six hours until kids return. I’m blasting through some online work and the day is mine!
  • My first day at the new face to face teaching gig was good. I found parking right away and at least two of my three classes seem like good kids. My second class is a little rough around the edges but we’ll make it. 75 college aged kids can be difficult ANYWAY, right?
  • I only made one real mistake yesterday: I somehow managed to put my pants on backwards. They are like, business casual from Bass Pro, these pull on deals. I went to put my phone in the back pocket right before class #1 and realized the pockets were not there. Luckily the building I’m in had a gazillion gender-neutral bathrooms. i.e. more places to pee. Despite the political whatever about them. LOL.
  • I am loving my new desk area in the bedroom. I can really focus here; blinds open to the trees in the backyard, music playing, the distant rawr rawr of the Roomba doing his job downstairs. It’s fantastic and what has been missing from my life for some time. This grind will inevitably get difficult and busy at some point but it isn’t 8-5 pain with an awful boss.
  • I was really panicky Sunday night, thinking about everything we have going on. For example, this Thursday, Ash has to take a day trip to Miami for work and in the evening, at 6, all 3 kids have a different activity. Luckily, we have friends. Isaac can hitch a ride with Logan to flag, Dakota with Katie to girl scouts, and I will take Elliot all the way across town to Cross Country. It’s crazy though!
  • I was also nervous about next week when I am traveling for some concerts. But once I am doing it, I will relax. I freaked about Ghost back in December. It was on a Saturday, in Jax, and I took Isaac but it all went so smoothly then. We found good parking, the ushers catered to my son, and the show was awesome. So yeah, it will all be ok, right?
  • My biggest obstacle will be in setting aside time for each task. I need to really organize myself and map it out: one hour for X job, one hour for Y job, 15 minute break, etc.
  • I went to the grocery store around lunch today then made stuffed jalapenos. A friend gave us some from his garden and man were they good. Hot though! I even though I have washed my hands, I still got some in my eyes. But they were tasty. After lunch, I took a brief rest (10 mins, never fell asleep) buy I felt refreshed. Now I am back to work. I think I’m gonna like this schedule!

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