MMMM + Having to work hard on my attitude today

I don’t know why but on my drive in, I really sunk myself by thinking about how I have to go back to 8-5 now. For a while, I was allowed the 8-4:30 with 30 minute lunches and I think it’s an absolute sham that I was complimented on how well I have been working (please note: I never worked… not well; my boss is just a bitch) and then she took that away from me. Praying that one of the myriad jobs I’ve interviewed for turns out to be the one!

But anyway, my weekend was enjoyable. Though my husband left for his conference mid-morning Saturday, the kids and I went out for wings and that was pretty nice. My parents got in around 3:30 and for dinner, we made a pork loin with brussel sprouts, okra, and rice pilaf, then my mom and I sat outside a good long while.

Sunday was ok too – I ran in the morning and it was just an ok run. I felt tired. We went to Lofty Pursuits for a brunch-ish type meal around 10 and that was really good but I ate too much and felt full and tired for a few hours, rendering me nearly useless. Isaac and I stayed home and napped while everyone else went to church, which was nice. Elliot has been going to the Baptist church with his friends/our neighbors but I am sure the Catholic church was a lot different. Shorter anyway! When they got home, I wanted to get in the pool but they didn’t. Everyone else ended up in it much later in the afternoon.

We just had sandwiches for dinner and then I was just sort of tired and dreading work today. The boys seem out of sorts so we had to have a nice come to Jesus talk before bed. I hope I got through to them.

Looks like my dad is working in my yard today and having the kids help, which is nice. I know they hate it but it’s a non-device day anyway.




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OK so I’ll pick the same theme as our host,  Billy Joel songs. My parents listened to him a lot when I was young and subsequently, so did I. Here are a couple of my personal favorites.


10 thoughts on “MMMM + Having to work hard on my attitude today

  1. Billy Joel is a popular artist around the blogosphere this morning. I think he is one of the most underrated artists of his day. His career spanned longer than most people remember and his music is classic. Thanks for sharing these tunes today.

  2. Second Billy Joel post this morning! 🙂 He’s supremely talented and I enjoyed your selections. Thanks for the music and good luck with the job hunt! It’s horrible to have a nasty boss.

  3. Claire,

    How interesting Songbird put up Billy Joel mewsic! That’s crazy how things like that work sometimes. Have a boogietastic week and thanks for joining us on the dance floor, my friend! 😉

  4. Another treat to Billy Joel classics! I like him and have seen him only once in concert but he was fabulous.
    Thanks for some more good Billy Joel music.

    Michele at Angels Bark

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