Random Tuesday – Still not back in the right mood, out of sorts, weight loss

Stacy Uncorked


  • Finally picked up a scale and Ash and I, after a month of changes to our respective eating habits, both lost 13 pounds. I’m doing the intermittent 16:8 plan and semi-keto; he’s doing, basically, one large meal a day. Funny to see we ended up with the same results.
  • I feel better than I have in a very long time… except Monday. Monday I had cramps and back pain and felt very blah. But I also slept like trash the night before. I need to find a good way to get better sleep. I usually use lavender right before bed but that didn’t seem to work!
  • It’s kind of depressing being at work when my kids are home with my parents having fun. I mean, that was the point of them visiting but still, it kind of hurts. Made worse, perhaps, by checking the house cameras and being able to see them playing in the pool. I really should restrain myself.
  • Last week I found out that I was nominated for the employee of the year award on campus. I didn’t win it, but I was one of 44 staff to be nominated, out of about 2550 total people so I feel pretty good about it. I was also given the letter of recommendation from the TA who did it and to say it was “glowing” would be an understatement. It warms my heart at the same time as it makes me sad, since around here now, no one is ever praised anymore; my boss is looking for that one wrong thing you did instead of the ten good things.
  • I’m honestly considering using the nomination as a means to ask for my hours to be restored. Especially given that she knows I am on my way out. It would be a nicety she could afford to me. But I already lost my long-time boss, they booted me from my office of almost 13 years, and I just feel like I have a good reason to ask. They always say it can’t hurt to ask but I am fear it might.
  • Sorry I couldn’t be more upbeat but I am just in A Mood. Ash does get back tomorrow evening and I need to remind myself that that is not a really long time at all. And I was approved to leave by noon on Friday so that is also in the pro column.  But I just can’t seem to get past this hump.

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