Friday bullet points – rough waters ahead

  • I’m probably overreacting, as I tend to do this time of year, but it’s about to get turbulent. Ash leaves for Expo tomorrow but my mom (and possibly dad too) show up later that afternoon. Isaac has a birthday party to attend and then my folks watch the kids through Wednesday, since I have to work. I told my mom that Ash will be home that evening so I hope she understands I then want her to leave. LOL. She and my husband have had their share of disagreements so I am always trying to offset and redirect so we can avoid. I’m probably trying too hard.
  • I’m kind of looking forward to cooking when they’re here though. I have some crockpot recipes to try out.
  • I wrote on Wednesday about my journey through intermittent fasting and trying out different keto meals. I refuse to go full keto because a.) I don’t want to be that limited and b.) I’m not going to spend time calculating macros and all that. However, I have been trying out some meals that are keto in nature. I had ground beef with ghee on Tuesday and then some cream cheese with peanut butter. I felt full but also, a little gassy. So that wasn’t fun. But it was super low carb. I am still trying to eat “clean” with veggies and fruits, but not too many as they tend to be high sugar, etc. I’m still trying to run when I can. Last Sunday I set out to do 2 miles but ended up going 2.5 because I felt good. But then I waited a week until I ran again and then I only did about 1.15 miles. My calves really hurt after but I guess it could be due to not running and having walked on the beach Sunday. I’m slowly figuring all this out, that’s for sure.
  • One of my summer goals is to use the big camera more. With phones being equipped with decent cameras, it’s easy to forget about the DSLR and use that for when kids are doing things. I have slacked on photos in general but I know if I make a point to, it will once again become a habit.
  • My first beer of the month club shipment came yesterday and they were from Kansas breweries. We had a pale ale, a lager, an imperial IPA, and a porter.  Pretty good stuff!
  • I am so ready for it to be the weekend!

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