Random Tuesday – Movies, rude, packing up, moving on, hopefully

Stacy Uncorked


  • We took the whole family to see Avengers last night, thank God. I was sick of avoiding spoilers. Actually, I enjoyed staying off the internet this weekend. I did it for that purpose but it was also nice to just stay away from the toxic nature of the internet in general.
  • I enjoyed the movie, though felt it could have, in fact, been much shorter. But they did a nice job tying everything together. I know there will be others movies within the MCU but I am glad this storyline has been mostly laid to rest.
  • Let me run this by you because it’s been bothering me since Sunday. That afternoon, we went to the playground at a local park. It’s a well-known spot for having kid parties because they have nice pavilions. Well, aside from the fact that the kids of the people throwing said parties were punching each other in the face and kicking a kid on the ground, a guy pulled his car up pretty close to the playground, opened all the doors, and started blasting what I consider to be pretty inappropriate music for a kid area. Now I know it’s a public space but do you feel like that’s right? I mean, I wasn’t going to say anything – we just left – but it seemed pretty rude. This isn’t your backyard, a-hole.
  •  I have to move my office. I was told last week it’s “what’s best for the department.” If I had to speculate, here’s their reasoning: they know I am actively seeking other employment so they want to have the new person’s office up in the main English suite. I wish they had been honest with me but instead, they made it feel like a punishment. For me, I look at it as a cosmic sign that I will leave here soon. I plan to take as much home as I can and move up there with little. Then, God willing, I will get a new job and say, “See ya!”
  • I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was in anguish and crying about my boss retiring. I may have written about it last week but Thursday was her last day. I will see her again, obviously, but not working with her has changed the entire landscape of my job. Her replacement gets in next month and though he seems nice, I am looking forward to just… doing something else. My boss retired from here but she’s going to run a writing department somewhere else and that made realize that I too can move on and try other things!
  • Oof, let’s try to be happier, shall we? I mean, being hopeful is different than actual happy. I started a post that basically just lists things that make me happy. I realize how cheesy that is but sometimes I need to bring those ideas to the forefront instead of getting mired down in the day to day ick of work and the crap that goes on there. So that post is something I will work on little at a time then get up at some point.
  • There’s a general feeling of unease these days and I wish I could shake it but until my work life settles, I will probably just have to handle it. How do you make yourself feel “normal” when things are decided in upheaval?

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Movies, rude, packing up, moving on, hopefully

  1. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on positive, happy, joyful things and on being grateful for the good things going on and the silver linings you find in the not-so-good.

    Good luck, i hope you do get a better position soon!

  2. I’m impatiently waiting for Princess Nagger to get her overdue assignments done so we can go see the movie. I’ve been good about staying away from all spoilers! 🙂

    That whole office moving thing does seem suspect – I’d do the same thing, take as much home as possible and have minimal in the new office, since you’ll be getting a better job soon. 😉 Your sense of unease will absolutely evaporate once your job situation is rectified – as far as making yourself feel ‘normal’ when things are decided in upheaval, I’m with Mimi – focus on the positives. 🙂 Here’s to you finding an awesome job sooooon!

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