Wednesday Medley – May Day, etc

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1.  Ahhh… May Day!!  Happy May!  Did you celebrate this when you were a child by dancing around a Maypole or leaving flowers on someone’s porch? Will you be celebrating a special occasion in May?

No, never. I do remember talking about it in school but it was never a big deal. Maybe in other parts of the U.S. or other countries it is? Now the only thing I think about is this meme, which you’ll get if you ever listened to Nsync.

2.  National Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987.  Can you name a nursery rhyme that would fit your life as it was in 1987?  If you are a youngster and not yet born in 1987, you may pass, of course, but do you have a favorite nursery rhyme?  HERE is a list of nursery rhymes.
I’d say “Rain rain go away” because I remember my dad filling my name into it when I was a kid.
3.  National Chocolate Parfait Day is also honored on this day. Parfait means perfect in French. Tell us about a perfect day, in your mind, and would/could it end with a chocolate parfait?
Funny you should mention that because once, about 5 years ago, I wrote a post about that! Obviously my life is much different now but for the most part, that idea still stands. And if it ended eating a parfait well then, all the better!
4.  National School Principal’s Day was founded to celebrate these school administrators who support and guide quality teachers and staff to provide productive learning environments for our children.  Did you have a good Principal when you were in school? Do you remember his/her name?
The one I remember was my elementary school principal, Mr. Watts. He was probably in his 60s and my school offered a trip to Pizza Hut with him if you got all As all year. So for the three years I went to Orange Brook, I got to go to the local restaurant with him. He always took time to talk to us while we ate our personal pan pizzas. He was a nice dude.
5. And perhaps the most important one is Silver Star Service Banner Day which honors the sacrifices of the combat wounded, ill, and dying service members from all branches of the military.  Do you have family members who have served this country in uniform? Tell us about them, if you will.
Both my grandfathers served in WW2 and I think my grandma on my dad’s side was in the USO. I don’t believe I know any family members who died in combat. My paternal grandfather flew rescue/medic planes in New Guinea. So that’s pretty cool.
6.  It’s Hump Day! How is your week going so far?
Surprisingly good, with the exception of one of my monitors not working properly this morning. I am actually in a good mood this morning, though not sure why. I was a bit snappy with the kids but driving in, I felt happy. Pretty hungry though, as I’m trying a 16/8 intermittent fasting plan. I can begin eating at 10 and I cut it off at 6. To be honest, that’s a pretty large window so I’ll try it for a bit then probably cut back to 6. Maybe start eating at 12 and cut off at 6, so I can eat something once I am home.
It was quite warm yesterday so I waited until about 6:45 to go on my run. That was definitely the right choice because it wasn’t as hot and I saw 3 rabbits! Always nice; reminds me that hey lived here before we did. It also makes me love my neighborhood even more.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Medley – May Day, etc

  1. Thanks for joining the Medley today! I really enjoyed your answers and have had fun comparing what everyone said. Have a great rest of the week!!

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