MMMM + I am feeling motivated anyway!

Believe it or not, I am happy and upbeat on this here Monday. One thing that really helped was the fact that I started my day with taking my boys to the dentist. It wasn’t that, actually but the fact that I got to be late to work. And I had a nice drive down a canopy road taking Elliot to school and it was very pleasant.

The other thing making me happy today is my enjoyable weekend. So I got home Friday and the kids and I hung around until Ash got home from his week away. The kids were so excited they waited in the driveway for him! We did a little pool stuff then just sat on the couch together. I am always so relieved when he comes back!

Saturday I got up and made big breakfast then got some pool cleaning done. I also mowed the front yard. At noon, Isaac’s 4 friends showed up and we went for pizza. Actually one dad stayed, which I thought was weird but it was nice to have an extra parent. We then caravanned to Urban Air, which is ten times better than any trampoline park. They have so much more to do! The kids hung out there for a good 2 hours but we could have spent another full hour, there was so much there. All in all, a great birthday for him.

I took Ell to a friend’s house later and then the rest of us just winged it on dinner; everyone was pretty full on pizza and junk food from the other place.

Sunday was a little more relaxed; I ran a couple miles and started laundry and cleaned. Didn’t end up getting Elliot until much later so I sat outside and worked on my tan. We had beer and burgers at dinner then watched most of Infinity War in prep for tonight because we’re seeing Endgame! I didn’t think we were actually going to make plans but Ash can’t handle trying to avoid spoilers. I am excited though; leaving right after work and meeting them at the theater because that’s how the timing worked out.



OK so today’s theme is to post motivational songs – whatever helps you clean or work out or whatever. I have a few!

The entire Bloodsport soundtrack rocks but this one is particularly good.

Here’s a couple from Rocky I really like too:

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