Wayback machine – Nicholson’s Farmhouse

**New weekly series I am trying out – reminiscing about places from my past**

On a canopy road northwest of town, there used to be a restaurant named Nicholson’s. Originally, it was built in the 1820s as the Nicholson family homestead and expanded throughout the years. The last Nicholson living in the home died in the 70s and then in the 80s, the great great grandson of the builder purchased it to turn it into a restaurant.

I met my husband in late 1998 and in 1999, we went on our very first official date to the farmhouse. One of the things about their property is how many different buildings they had, all used as dining rooms. There was also  a gift shop, a kitchen with enclosed porch, and a smokehouse. They did not serve alcohol but you could bring your own for a small corking fee. I remember that he and I both had steak and these twice baked potatoes that were just so dang good.

A few years later, we were married but no kids yet and we did dinner club with a bunch of other married couples. We would often go there to take advantage of their larger banquet rooms. Also, our friends Heather and Tabb lived right down the road from it. It was always a nice place to escape to, just outside of town and for a special occasion.



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